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Bags for loose filtration media make it much easier to keep the filter clean and thus ensure good quality of the aquarium water. The JBL FilterBag pack contains 2 bags with a reusable hose clip. The large capacity bags (up to 1500ml) have micro eyes (0.5mm) and excellent water flow.

More information
FilterBag bags will be appreciated by every aquarist who appreciates the convenience of filter care when using different types of loose cartridges.

By using FilterBag:
– quickly replace a specific filter cartridge
– you separate different types of cartridges
– you will set the order of contributions
– you will keep cleanliness and order in every filter

FilterBag works great with cartridges:
– Orca OrganEx or its replacement Seachem Purigen
– activated carbon
– ordinary ceramics – discs
– specialist ceramics – Neo Media
– various loose absorbents

FilterBag capacity and parameters:
– quantity in the package: 2 pieces
– capacity: from 0.5l to 1.5l
– dimensions: 35x92x70 mm
– mesh size: 0,5mm


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