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BioNitratEX’s contribution is similar to popular bioballs. However, it is not him! The balls of the cartridge break down under the influence of bacteria. They perfectly remove excess NO3 nitrates from the water, which are the cause of all kinds of algae in the aquarium.

More information
What is the BioNitratEX contribution for?
The insert effectively and absolutely removes troublesome NO3 nitrates from water. Excess NO3 causes algae scourge. therefore, using the cartridge can completely stop the growth and even remove algae already present in the aquarium. And it certainly will not allow them to arise.

How does the contribution work?
Bio balls are covered with several layers of beneficial bacteria. These bacteria use the nutrients contained in the balls to quickly and effectively break down harmful NO3 into a safe gas, i.e. nitrogen, N2 and oxygen O2.

How to use?
Place the insert inside the internal or external filter. Change the cartridge when it dissolves too much.
The BioNitratEX pack is sufficient for an aquarium with a capacity of up to 300l.
Can be used in sea and fresh water.


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