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HUMIN FULVIC – consists of aqueous humic and fulvic acids obtained from a unique natural source of high quality and concentration. The organic form is much more suitable for living organisms than chemically extracted fulvic acids. Fulvic acids have long been known for their antibacterial and antiviral activity, they are the smallest fraction of humic substances, they are of particular importance for water quality. They are soluble in all pH values, are easily absorbed by organisms and have high binding potential. This makes it an excellent carrier of minerals, vitamins and trace elements. The fulvic acid molecules are so small that they can even be absorbed through the skin. They release bound nutrients in the body’s cells and can in turn absorb harmful substances such as heavy metals, which become harmless and can be removed from the body. Stimulate the immune system of organisms. HUMIN fulvic also has a prophylactic effect on gastrointestinal diseases and regulates metabolism. Humic substances can change the activity of enzymes and have a positive biological effect on water and animals. Thanks to its own protein substances in the body, it can form a protective layer on the mucosa, which inhibits the penetration of harmful pathogens. HUMIN fulvic strengthens defense processes and accelerates the healing of inflammatory and bacterial conditions. Suitable for all decorative fish, especially discus, plecos, tetras. Works as a natural fertilizer for aquatic plants. Treated decorative fish are much more resistant to infections and germs, helping to reduce the attack of fungi of the genus Saprolegnia (fungal skin lesions resemble ulcers). HUMIN fulvic is a good option for quarantine baths, especially for discus, plecos and tetras.


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