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A series of professional LED lamps in the shape and thickness of a traditional T8 fluorescent lamp. Lamps can be a modern replacement for the traditional and outdated T8 fluorescent lamp today or can act as additional lighting. Hsbao LED fluorescent lamps as the only Retro-fit on the market are wirelessly controlled by a remote control and have a full palette of visible light colors.

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What is a Retro-fit LED lamp?
Retro Fit lamps are an excellent product made with a view to replacing the outdated lighting system based on fluorescent lamps. The use of LED lamps with Power-Leds goes far into the future compared to a regular fluorescent lamp, providing much more light, energy saving longevity and much faster and lush plant growth.

Are fluorescent lamps or LEDs better?
LEDs provide energy savings of up to 75% compared to fluorescent lamps, and most importantly, they generate much more light that is directed downwards rather than around like a fluorescent lamp.
The use of Hsbao Retro-fit lamps significantly reduces power consumption, which is quickly felt by the user.
An additional great advantage of Retro Fit lamps is their longevity. Lighting effectively shines up to 12 years, without changing your parameters. Comparing this advantage to traditional T8 fluorescent lamps, which should be replaced every 6 – 9 months, it is easy to notice that the use of LED lighting is by all means economical and satisfactory.
It is also worth mentioning that LED lighting does not generate heat, which is not insignificant during the warm season.

What is better Hsbao Retro-fit compared to other LEDs of this type?
Hsbao retro-fit clearly stands out from the competition. First of all, Hsbao as one of the few companies provides a full palette of visible light colors. White is obtained from a mix of light colors of different colors. This significantly improves the development of plants and enhances all the natural colors of the aquarium.

The second important and attractive advantage is the possibility of full control over the light, its power and color, using the remote control.

In addition, the LED lamp is placed inside a glass tube made of glass with the highest water resistance and transparency. This solution does not block the flow of light, and what’s more, it doesn’t dull over time like the plastic tubes of competing Retro Fit’s.

What light does it offer?
Hsbao Retro-fit in a freshwater aquarium:

– the lamp offers up to 6 color mixes supporting photosynthesis:
Light mixes with shades of yellow, red and white come in different types. The lamp uses light with a color temperature of 3000K, 4200K, 5500K 6500K 7500K and 8500K to create color mixes. It is the mix between individual colors (e.g. 3000K + 6500K + 8500K) that creates the light emitted by the lamp.

– the lamp can support the coloring of plants and fish with 5 additional colors:
The lamp will emit shades of bright blue, giving light reflections of shimmering fish, e.g. Neonek. You can also use green colors to give freshness and colors to plants or still life (roots, stones, etc.), giving them stronger colors.

– the lamp also offers night light in four colors:
Blue colors will imitate moonlight in its various phases. The possibility of brightening and dimming the light gives the opportunity to choose the night glow according to the needs of the user and the aquarium.

Hsbao Retro-fit in a Malawi aquarium:
Shades of blue and white with blue give light reflections, enhance white or light sand and “conquer” the colorfulness of fish. Thanks to the large number of colors in each color, the user has the ability to highlight some of them in the aquarium.

Hsbao Retfo-fit in a marine aquarium:
– use in the main tank:
The headlamp can be selected between typical actinic and marine lights. Available light shades of blue (Actinic Blue), pink (pink INT) or light blue with white (Shallow Water) allow you to complement the colors of the marine aquarium. In addition, the multi-colored light promotes coral dyeing. Due to the large number of colors, you can choose, for example, the one chosen to “conquer” the colors of the selected group of corals.

– use in refugium:
The colors of strong red pink and other derivatives allow you to adapt the lamp to refugium, where it can become the main lighting, perfectly conducive to the development of algae.

– the lamp also offers night light in four colors:
Blue colors will imitate moonlight in its various phases. The possibility of brightening and dimming the light gives the opportunity to choose the night glow according to the needs of the user and the aquarium.

What functions are available in the remote control?
In addition to the ON / OFF function, we get access to a dozen or so colors of lamp light, so the user can “boost” selected colors of plants or fish in the aquarium. The remote also has the function of dimming and brightening the light. This function allows you to choose the power and amount of light for the specific needs of the tank, and in addition it allows the use of Retro’fit Hsbao as day and night lighting.

What LEDs does the Hsbao lamp have?
The diodes are based on the Power-Led technique. The lamp has light sources of different colors. Individual light colors are the effect of a mix of light colors from different LEDs. This solution provides the aquarium with all the necessary light colors, which significantly affects the coloration of fish and plants, and additionally supports photosynthesis and plant development.

How to mount an LED fluorescent lamp?
Retro-fit Hsbao has the thickness of a traditional T8 fluorescent lamp. You can successfully mount the lamp in the holders of an old fluorescent lamp. The product has its own power supply system with an additional switch and controller. The lamp will not use the old system that supported the fluorescent lamp.

Technical data:
– power: 19W
– color scale: 400 – 700 nm
– amount of light: 976LM
– lamp length 93cm
– cable length: 1.5m


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