Hsbao HSB-1500 – pump 4000l/h



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The HSB pump by Hsbao is a very popular, successful and reliable model of a simple water pump. It is used in many devices, e.g. home refrigerators, garden and home fountains, cat bowls, ice cube makers, terrarium waterfalls and many more. Hsbao pumps can be found in the products of many well-known and respected brands.

More information
The versatility of the Hsbao pump, its popularity and various uses.
At the beginning, it is worth emphasizing that Hsbao specializes in the production of impeller pumps for water. Their products are used by producers from almost every field. The pump can be found in home refrigerators of famous manufacturers, ice makers, home and garden fountains, in cat water bowls, in sprinklers and much more. Hsbao water pumps enjoy great popularity and recognition of big and well-known brands.

The advantages at a glance:
– small sizes
– quiet work
– efficient and low power consumption
– universal application
– works in full submersion
– this model is used by the largest producers of well-known brands from various industries

About the characteristics of the HSB pump model:
The pump is equipped with a smooth flow control. There is a simple adjustment valve on the casing with “ribbing” protecting the pump against large contamination.
The use of a modern water pumping system guarantees long-term operation, energy-saving pump and considerable efficiency with a very high lifting of the water column.
The pump is equipped with an axle made of stainless metal alloys.

I am quiet and small.
Thanks to the current miniaturization, the pump is probably the smallest on the market – in relation to its power (for dimensions see “technical data”)
Thanks to the good fit of the parts and the high quality of the materials, the pump generates little vibrations and is therefore inaudible.

230V power supply?
Yes. The pump is powered directly from a 230V socket. It has a standard EU plug that fits all our Polish sockets.

Can you submerge in water?
In fact, you have to! The water pump operates fully submerged in the water. It is waterproof. Its water resistance is rated at IPX8.

Technical data:
– hose nozzles with an internal diameter of 16mm and 19mm
– power consumption: 85W
– capacity: 4000l / h
– lifting the water column: 3.5 m
– power cord length: 4m
– dimensions 12.5 x 8.8 x 12.5 cm


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