Hexpure – Polymer filter material 150ml


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HEXPURE is a synthetic polymer filter material with a macroporous structure. It has the form of small granules. Thanks to its structure, structure and properties, Hexpure ensures not only absorbing but also ion exchange properties.

HEX – PURE… that is a minimum of SIX benefits

By removing organic pollutants containing nitrogen compounds, it allows you to control the levels of NH4, NO2 and NO3.
It does not absorb the necessary micronutrients.
Increases the oxidation-reduction potential (ORP).
Makes the water very clarified.
It can be used in freshwater and marine aquariums.
Efficient – 25 ml of HEXPURE is enough to clean approx. 100 l of water for up to 6 months. It can be regenerated.
Usage method.

Use approx. 25 ml for every 100 liters of water in the tank, placing Hexpure in a bag designed for very fine filter media – QD Dural Bag. Before placing the bag with the preparation in the filter, the bag should be tied and rinsed several times under running water. The bag with the product should be placed in the filter as the last filter medium. Hexpure has a specific smell – this is a normal feature of the product and is not a defect. Changing the color of Hexpure to brown or black indicates its wear and tear and the need for possible regeneration.
To place Hexpure in the filter, we recommend Dural Bag – specially designed, chemically resistant bags of two sizes M (10 x 15 cm) and L (13 x 25 cm) reusable.

More information on the methods of use and regeneration can be found on our website at this link.

Available capacities: 150 ml, 300 ml and 500 ml

Hexpure polimer 150 ml, 300 ml i 500 ml

Hexpure polimer 150 ml, 300 ml i 500 ml


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