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The RO Sulawesi GH + KH + water mineralization system allows to prepare water for shrimps from the Sulawesi biotope, especially for Caridina sp. Cardinal. It has been designed to allow for the accurate preparation of water with the assumed GH and KH. It enables easy and quick preparation of water for water changes with very similar parameters currently prevailing in the tank. It allows to avoid fluctuations in parameters during water changes, which have a very negative effect on the shrimp. It dissolves very quickly. Does not create insoluble deposits. The system consists of two preparations: GH + Sulawesi, which only increases the total hardness of RO water, and KH + Sulawesi, which only increases the carbonate hardness and also regulates the pH.

Usage method

GH + Sulawesi builds overall hardness by providing the necessary minerals. GH + does not increase the carbonate hardness of KH. 7 ml of GH + Sulawesi added 10 l of RO water gives 7 dGH and a conductivity of approx. H = 312 us net.
On our website (at this link) there is a calculator that facilitates the calculation of doses and water preparation.

Available packages: 500 ml


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