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Terrario Premium Repti Fogger v2 – is an improved version of the most popular terrarium fogger. The device is based on proven fog generation technology and has improvements not found in any competing product. The device generates a natural mist that looks extremely phenomenal. The generator can increase humidity up to 100%.

More information
Terrario Premium Fogger v2:
Has solutions that improve and increase fog emission. The fog is generated and of higher density, and the fogger itself has much higher efficiency than standard foggers. Placed in a plastic housing, it does not rust and does not settle on the stone. Terrario Premium Fogger is the only new generation internal fogger available on the global market.

Fogger general information:
It is a device generating real cold fog. Fogger is great for raising humidity in a desert or tropical terrarium. It can raise humidity up to 100% in continuous operation. It brings the natural environment closer and the fog is a spectacular decoration of any terrarium.

Do animals need fog?
The device creates adequate humidity inside the paddock, thus creating safe living conditions for most terrarium animals, min. arachnids, reptiles and amphibians. It should be remembered that adequate humidity protects the pet’s skin against excessive drying.
Settling fog creates dew that is readily taken up by some animal species.

Standard foggers from other manufacturers. (often more expensive)
All foggers from famous brands are made of various metal alloys. Despite the assurances of water resistance, most of them rust or scales. Sometimes it is caused simply by the action of water or the action of chemicals such as conditioner, phosphate absorbents, plant fertilizers, etc. Foggers lost their efficiency and became unusable after about 12 months.

The latest and most perfect Fogger v2. What’s in it
Terrario Premium Fogger v2 has a housing made of water resistant PVC plastic alloy. This solution, how extremely simple, solves all problems with the waterproofness of internal foggers.
The second important advantage is the outlet diffuser located directly above the fogger membrane. The diffuser is responsible for minimizing the splashing of larger water particles (drops) and increasing the emission of fog. The right steam outlet profile maximizes the fogger’s efficiency by focusing its volume at the beginning of spraying. The fog emitted in this way is denser.

Fogger v2 security:
– dry work
The fogger has a water level sensor. The device will stop working in the absence of water, protecting the fogger from damage.
– plug
The device has a water condenser in the form of a plug / collar on the power cable. This blocks water droplets that may drip down the cable.
– water resistance
Fogger is completely waterproof. In conjunction with the plastic housing, the device is completely resistant to water and chemicals.

Power Supply:
Unlike previous foggers from other brands, Terrario has a power supply with electronic, not magnetic ballast (large heavy power supply). The electronic ballast does not overheat and ensures stable operation of the membrane. In addition, it does not cause problems in connecting to programmers or hygrostats.

Technical data:
– Fogger dimensions: diameter 4.8cm x height 4.5cm
– power supply dimensions: 8 x 3 x 5cm
– cable length 200 cm


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