Filter media Aquael PhosMAX PRO 3x100ml



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AQUAEL PhosMax Pro is a unique filter medium for chemical filtration of the water in freshwater aquariums and terrarium tanks. AQUAEL PhosMax Pro is designed to chemically absorb phosphates dissolved in water, which are one of the main causes of unwanted algae growth in aquariums. The unique chemical compounds used in AQUAEL PhosMax Pro are characterized by exceptionally good sorption properties. By absorbing the phosphate ions dissolved in the water, algae formation is effectively prevented. AQUAEL PhosMax Pro is very suitable for use in external filters, overflow filters, internal filters with chambers for loose filter media etc.. It is especially recommended for use in tanks with high fish stocking, unplanted aquariums that are not stocked with plants, which otherwise act as natural phosphate absorbers. By using AQUAEL PhosMax Pro, the aquarium water needs to be changed less frequently and algae formation in the tank is effectively prevented.

AQUAEL PhosMax Pro
+ quickly and effectively removes phosphates from the aquarium water
+ deprives algae of the nutrient basis
+ prevents from algae growth
+ improves water quality
+ 1 filter bag is sufficient for up to 200 l for 4 weeks
+ package contents 3x 100 ml, individually applicable in the filter fleece


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