Femanga Bio-Spezial 250 – preparation for cyanobacteria



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Femanga Bio-Spezial – the successor of Femanga Algenstop Spezial.
As a preparation supporting the parameters of aquarium water, Bio-Spezial effectively eliminates cyanobacteria (cyanobacteria) as a side effect.

More information
Bio-Special is a water treatment agent that positively affects the aquarium water due to the minerals it contains. The vital minerals contained in the preparation support the well-being of fish and improve plant growth, thanks to which algae are displaced from the aquarium. By promoting plant growth, the algae are deprived of important nutrients and therefore further growth is stopped.

Dosage: Add 10 ml per 100 liters of aquarium water once a week until the algae and cyanobacteria are displaced. To keep in good condition, add 5 ml per 100 ml of aquarium water once a week

Notes: During the treatment, it is recommended to change 1/3 of the water in the aquarium. It is recommended to darken the tank for the first 5 days. Recommended treatment duration – 6-8 weeks Because as a result of the decomposition of cyanobacteria, toxins harmful to shrimps may accumulate in the tank – we recommend even a 50% water change.


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