ECO Horizontal Shallow 905 3200L/H



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You can use the pump wherever you need:
– powering filters in the aquarium and for changing water in the aquarium
– fountain, waterfalls and pond use
– for rainwater from a barrel
– pumping water from a flooded gazebo or basement

Super performance:
The ECO Horizontal pump is built on the basis of many years of experience. It is characterized by reliability, efficient operation and high energy efficiency. The impeller, which is the heart of the device, is resistant to the high resistance of pumped water and has an axis made of sintered stainless steel with titanium. Therefore, the pump can pump water to a height of 3 m and has a capacity of 3200 l/h.

Can the pump run continuously?
This way the pump can operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Continuous operation does not burden it and does not affect the service life of the product.

Is it resistant to dirty water?
The pump has a large filter strainer designed to prevent larger impurities from entering the pump that could block the impeller. Everything that passes through the strainer will be pumped out.

Connector included:
The set includes two hose connectors with an internal diameter of 19mm and 22mm.

Technical data:
– power consumption: 70W
– water lifting column 300cm
– capacity 3200l/h
– 230V power supply (cable included – standard European / Polish plug)
– power cable length: 200cm
– dimensions: 15 x 10 x 15cm


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