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Easysps EVO is a high-quality mix of natural plankton in a mineral suspension, specially designed to be used with a dosing pump to ensure regular and accurate feeding of SPS corals.

It will enhance the bright and intense colors of your corals and will also help to strengthen and grow SPS corals in a healthy way.

Coral food specially formulated for SPS corals, composed of lyophilized shrimp, a selection of microalgae and blue fish oil. The nutritional composition of EasySPS stimulates corals with high nutritional proteins, natural lipid profile, carbohydrates and functional micronutrients involved in the metabolic system or small polar coronals.

Why is it different?

* The Easysps EVO composition improves corals with high nutritional proteins with a well-balanced aminogram, lipid profile rich in EPA, ARA and DHA, carbohydrates and functional micronutrients involved in the metabolic system of these animals.
* It contains particles of 0.2 to 400 microns (60% <200 microns), making it ideal for easier capture by SPS polyps.
* The plankton from Easy Reefs, Palaemonetes varians, is rich in glutamine: it ensures a rapid response of corals.
* Easy Reefs produces its own raw materials to ensure high quality standards in all production processes.

Easysps EVO25


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