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Drop Checker is the best tool for continuous measurement of the CO2 content and pH level in the aquarium. Maintaining  the optimum values  of these parameters is key to achieving impressive-looking plant tank. The complete set includes a glass indicator, reagent, and suction cup mounting a syringe.

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High quality glass can help indicator faultless reading saturation of water with carbon dioxide and pH level, while its elegant designowi will be the decoration of each tank. Aquario Drop Checker is a test run after maintenance-free, continuously measuring and indicating the pH level of the water and CO2. 

An indicator is mounted on a strong suction cups to the inner wall of the tank. A reagent that reacts with the water in the indicator complements the supplied syringe. Regular replenishment allows the indicator measurements are carried out over a very long period of time.The pH level oczytuje using a color comparator card on the packaging unit.


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