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CHIHIROS Doctor is a series of ionizing devices with sterilizing properties resulting from many years of research and hundreds of experiments. It is a revolutionary product that inhibits the growth of algae in the tank, stimulates the development of aquatic plants, destroys pathogens and provides fish and shrimp with proper protection and health.

The device emits a mist of small, ionised bubbles that destroy the spores of algae and pathogens, while not affecting the beneficial bacterial flora and microorganisms present in the filter. Reduced algae development enables plants to grow faster and healthier and absorb nutrients more, which in turn leads to further limitation of algae growth by limiting the nutrient medium necessary for their development.

The environment of the aquarium using CHIHIROS Doctor quickly becomes stable, and the shortcomings of the "amateur" aquarist are no longer so noticeable and do not lead to disaster. Thanks to the CHIHIROS Doctor devices, even novice aquarists can easily create a beautiful aquarium.

Thanks to the intelligent device management algorithm, it is possible to easily control the ionization intensity and the cycle of the ionizer operation.

Depending on the purpose of the device and the size of the tank, the CHIHIROS Doctor series products come in 7 different models. Each model has 3 modes of operation, thanks to which it is possible to adjust the device operation to the desired results even more precisely



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