DISCUS PREMIUM DAILY FOOD – GRANULES: Complete granulated food for discus and other ornamental fish. Perfect food
for everyday feeding. Ingredients: Herring meal, Shrimp, Mycoprotein, Wheat, Brewer's yeast, Wheat gluten, Salmon Oil,
Sea salt, Paprika, Zeolite, Garlic, Natural astaxanthin. Analysis: Fat 6,6%, Protein 49%, Fiber2%, ash 12%, Moisture 10%.
Vitamins: unit min Vitamin A IU / Kg 27 000 Vitamin D3 IU / Kg 1400 Vitamin E Mg / kg 100 Vitamin C Mg / kg 420. L-lysin
Mg/kg 480, DL-Methionin Mg/kg, 480, Betain G/kg 1 920, Beta-glucane Mg/kg 480, L-carnitin Mg/kg 48, E124, E172 mg/kg
<0,2, Natural astaxanthin mg/kg 50. Feeding Instructions: 1-3 times a day in small portions. Use only amounts that fish can
completely consume in few minutes. Stored in a cool dry place.