DISCUS PREMIUM DAILY FOOD – FLAKES Complete flake food for DISCUS Flakes with a high content of vitamins, amino-
acids and minerals. For vivid coloring and healthy growth of your fish. Feeding: You may feed several times daily. Use only
amounts that fish can completely consume in few minutes. Composition: Fish and by-products from fish, corn crops,
vegetable protein concentrates, garlic, dry yeast, crustaceans, algae, oils and fats, lecithin, iron oxide. Crude fat 5%, fiber
2%, crude ash 7%, water content 7%, proteins 52% Additives: Colorants (E102, E124, C301, C120), Vitamins 25,000 U.I. / kg
vitamin A 1500 U.I. / kg vitamin D3 100 mg / kg vitamin E 400 mg / kg vitamin C. Store in a cool and dry place