PREMIUM DAILY FOOD РENERGY FLAKES Complete food for all species of aquarium fish. Highly digestible, soft, not tempering water and not disintegrating. The feed is rich in essential vitamins and minerals that help promote quick growth and the healthy development of the fish. Ingredients: Vegetable protein concentrates, shells, algae, fish and fish by-products, cereal, garlic, dried yeast, spirulina, fat, lecithin, antioxidants and artificial colouring.. Analysis: Crude protein 55 %, Crude fat 7 %, Moisture 7 %, Crude fiber 2 %, Ash 7 %. Vitamin A IU / kg 45,000 Vitamin D3 IU / kg 1500 Vitamin B2 Mg / kg 9.3 Vitamin B12 Mg / kg 8.12 Vitamin E Mg / kg 200 Vitamin K3 Mg / kg 11 Vitamin C L-ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate Mg / kg 300. Feeding instructions: several times a day in small portions so that the fish can eat in a few minutes.