DISCUS JUNIOR PREMIUM DAILY FOOD – GRANULES is a complete food in the form of small granules designed for young
discus (1-3cm) as well as for all types of tropical fish. It contains a large number of ingredients, among others: vegetable
protein concentrate, algae (spirulina, chlorella), fish, shellfish, vegetables (spinach, pepper, carrot, garlic), fish meal and krill
and others. Ingredients: Moisture% 10, Protein% 37, Fat% 6, Fiber% 2, ash % 10, Calcium% 2, Phosphorus% 1.5, Manganese
mg / kg 22, Zinc mg / kg 88. Vitamins: unit min. Vitamin A IU / kg 25,000 Vitamin D3 IU / kg 2,800 Vitamin E Mg / kg 220
Vitamin C L-ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate Mg / kg 330 Feeding instructions: several times a day in small portions so that fish
can eat in few minutes. Store in a cool and dry place