Coral grits 3 - 5 cm 5l



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Coral gravel for universal use. Ideally suited as a substrate for the malawi and tanganyika biotope. In addition, it is an excellent biological filter cartridge in every freshwater and salt water biotope. Coral grits will also work in the mini garden “forest in a jar” as drainage.

More information
Gravel / grit is a completely natural product. Formed from a real coral reef, it has numerous pores and irregular shapes.

In the biotope Malawi / Tanganyika:
Perfectly water-hardening, permanently maintaining its ideal parameters. It can be used as a substrate and decoration.

In a marine aquarium:
Works as a contribution to biological filtration. Its numerous pores are an excellent habitat for bacteria, and the properties of natural coral rock favor the parameters of sea water.

In the forest in a jar:
Works well as drainage, thanks to the irregular large gradation. In addition, grits change the soil pH to a higher level, adapting it to demanding plants.

The packaging contains 6kg of gravel, or about 5 liters.


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