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Colony Marine by ATM

ATM Colony Professional Grade Nitrifying Bacteria Marine Aquarium Supplement Aquarium cycling, or the process of establishing biofiltration for natural ammonia and nitrite removal, has been a long running issue in the aquatics hobby and industry. Establishing biofiltration is a simpler dynamic than many realize! Before fish can be introduced into the aquarium, biofiltration must be established to filter out the toxic ammonia and nitrite created by fish waste. ATM Colony Professional Grade Nitrifying Bacteria Marine Aquarium Supplement establishes this biofiltration in days instead of weeks with real nitrifying bacteria. Colony for Marine contains Nitrococcus and Nitrosococcus bacteria, which are specific for the saltwater environment. These formulas have proven time and again to be the champions of instant cycling. ATM Colony neutralizes ammonia and nitrite spikes naturally.


To dose, shake bottle vigorously to mix bacteria. For average water conditions add 4oz (118 ml) of bacteria per 12 gallons (47 L). Do not overcrowd tank, do not overfeed. Maintain water temperature between 26-28 C. Maintain a pH of 8.0-8.3. Maintain a total alkalinity of 90 or above. Turn off or unplug UV sterilisers, skimmers and ozone generators prior to and 4-5 days after each introduction of ATM Colony Marine. Keep at room temperature and do not expose to extreme heat or cold.

118ml – 47 Litres

236ml – 94 Litres

473ml – 189 Litres

946ml – 379 Litres


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