CHIHIROS LED WRGB II 120 with bluetooth controler



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CHIHIROS WRGB lighting is RGB LED lighting for freshwater / plant aquarium with built-in bluetooth light intensity regulator.

The combination of expressive colors of WRGB LEDs (from the English W-white / white, R-red / red, G- green / green, B-blue / blue) gives a new look at the so far unseen beauty of the aquarium, it enables healthy, natural and lush aquatic plant growth.
Basic information:
The full blend of WRGB LED colors shows the true beauty of the aquarium, the brightness of the white LEDs w full spectrum is ensured by plant photosynthesis. Chihiros WRGB lighting will complete the decor Your aquarium and add design to the entire room.
CHIHIROS WRGB lighting is available in five sizes, lengths: 30cm, 45cm, 60cm, 90cm and 120cm.
CHIHIROS WRGB offers long-life wide-angle LEDs, vivid full color spectrum as well high photosynthesis capability while maintaining the highest quality.
Bluetooth control: Chihiros WRGB lighting has a built-in bluetooth control system that makes it possible assigning the appropriate light intensity to each hour of the day and setting dawn and dusk.
It is enough:
• Download and run the application “My Chihiros” on your smartphone or tablet with Android or iOS. • Press the “+” symbol to connect your phone / tablet to CHIHIROS. • Select one of the control options: AUTO or MANUAL. • With the MANUAL function you can set the light intensity in real time, and thanks
AUTO function set, among others dawn / dusk. • When selecting the AUTO function, simply press the QUICKSET button, then the SUNRISE button to select the time when the lamp should turn on and then select how many hours the lamp should run. In the next step, you can define how long the lighting power is to increase to the maximum value (dawn / dusk) and set the maximum lighting power.
CHIHIROS WRGB lighting allows you to set the intensity of each of the four colors (white, green, blue, red) separately.
Kit composition:
The set includes an LED beam, power cable, power supply, Bluetooth regulator (built into the cable) and a set for mounting on the aquarium glass.
In addition to the WRGB lighting, you can buy special covers to prevent dispersion lights towards the tank and will focus all the light from the lamp towards the aquarium.
Design: The Chihiros LED lighting system is not only a product with top-class properties, it also style and elegance. Therefore, the lighting structure was designed like this way to, on the one hand, provide the most optimal conditions for the development of beautiful and healthy plants, on the other hand – to stimulate and satisfy the aquarist’s sense of aesthetics. The CHIHIROS WRGB lighting body is an extremely solid structure made of high steel quality.




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