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Product description
Suspended LED VIVID 2 RGB lighting beams dedicated to freshwater / plant tanks. They are equipped with wide-angle, long-life LEDs with high power reaching up to 130W. The color mix (W-white / white, R-red / red, G-green / green, B-blue / blue) shows the natural beauty of the fish and plants in the aquarium and ensures their healthy, natural growth. The lighting can only be controlled using the “My Chihiros” application installed on a smartphone or tablet. The application works on both Android and IOS. In addition to switching the beam on and off, it allows you to regulate the intensity of four colors with their intensity and set the dawn and dusk modes. Aesthetically made steel structure with a built-in fan that provides effective cooling during its quiet operation. The beam is suspended, it cannot be placed on the aquarium. Available in two colors, silver and black. For lighting, you can additionally purchase covers to direct the light beam to the aquarium, preventing it from dispersing outside the tank.
The most important properties:
Dedicated to a plant / freshwater aquarium.
A natural beam of light that emphasizes and enhances the value of fish, plants and decorations.
Wide-angle, long-life LEDs.
Adjusting the color of lighting, intensity and setting the dawn and dusk mode.
Built-in Blutooth controller.
Control via the “My Chihiros” app. Steel cables included to allow the beam to be suspended above the tank.
Aesthetic steel body with a built-in quiet fan.
* Additionally, you can buy a specially dedicated VIVID lighting frame.
For the aquarium: 60-90 cm
Width: 162mm
Height: 34mm
Power: 130W
Number of LEDs: 160 pieces
Luminous flux: 5500lm
Color temperature: 8000K
Input power: AC100 – 240V, 50-60Hz
LED lifetime: more than 50,000 hours

The set includes steel cables that allow the suspension of the beam over the aquarium. You can buy a specially dedicated rack that will facilitate the installation of lighting.






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