Chihiros LED Light E401



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  • Volt: 110v/220vFreq: 50/60HzColor: white 6500KUltrathin and streamline shape, Easy to install on the tank.Made of aluminum alloy and acrylic material, simple and generous

    The wired and wireless controller can realize 8 different level bright adjust,need to purchase additionally

    Cultivating aquatic plants using LED lighting systems, using high brightness white LED lamp, LED configuration format is optimized, improved light distribution and ized the Aquarium LED lighting fixtures in the highest levels of brightness, also broke LED to cultivate plants difficult dilemmas. First truly grass cylinder developing special slide, with high color rendering HCRI, by CHIHIROS and Japan special cooperative development of full-spectrum white light LED light factory, color rendering than 88% can render any object closest to the natural color, efficiency of photosynthesis (PAR) can be completely comparable to traditional T8&T5 lamp.
    Prior to this, most people think of uneven white light LED wavelength is not suitable for the cultivation of plants, but CHIHIROS LED lighting system broke the notion. Is white light LED light, LED lights can also cultivate plants was confirmed to people. In accordance with the “more blue wavelength light is more suitable for the cultivation of plants” inferred, white LED light sources in the blue wavelengths more, less red light wavelength, events have proven that the white light LED light can be efficient in water through, and can contribute to photosynthesis in plants, evidence that white light LED light is suitable for cultivation of the plants. Before LED lights are not good to cultivate plants, an important reason is that photosynthesis is one of the most important conditions, inadequate light. Therefore, CHIHIROS LED lighting system has sufficient luminance. Used single-lamp 0.5W in SMD HCRI, high luminance high color rendering LED lighting. Lamp body dedicated bracket is also studying the fish tank specifications and after light body light and well designed, the greatest degree of healthy development of grass. Transparent acrylic business dedicated bracket which reflects the characteristics of the LED light the lamp, as if floating on top of the fish tank lighting, giving a sense of unprecedented openness. If to consider it as part of the home design, water features and lighting systems become important equipment that cannot be ignored, no matter what room with minimalist design features and water coordinated to match the surrounding environment, lighting and aesthetics coexist this idea was spirited away the biggest characteristics of LED lighting fixtures.

Model Tank Size Light Body Size Rack Size Power Lamp Amount Brightness (lm)
E201 20cm 18×6.8x1cm 20x10x6.5cm 13.5W 27 1350
E251 25cm 18×6.8x1cm 25x10x6.5cm 13.5W 27 1350
E301 30cm 27×6.8x1cm 30x10x9.5cm 18W 36 1800
E311 31cm 27×6.8x1cm 31x10x9.5cm 18W 36 1800
E351 35cm 27×6.8x1cm 35x10x9.5cm 18W 36 1800
E361 36cm 27×6.8x1cm 36x10x9.5cm 18W 36 1800
E401 40cm 27×6.8x1cm 40x10x9.5cm 18W 36 1800
E451 45cm 42×6.8x1cm 45x11x9.5cm 27W 54 2700
E452 45cm 42×6.8x1cm (2 pcs) 45x18x9.5cm 54W 108 5400
E501 50cm 42×6.8x1cm 50x11x9.5cm 27W 54 2700
E601 60cm 57×6.8x1cm 60x11x10.5cm 36W 72 3600
E602 60cm 57×6.8x1cm (2 pcs) 60x18x10.5cm 72W 144 7200


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