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Bubble Magnus

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Sensational reactor / flow filter, standing out from other products thanks to the built-in 680l / h pump. It has been designed with the price of the fluidization reactor in mind for the entire range of filter materials used in marine and freshwater aquariums. The filter has a large capacity of 2100ml and perfectly folded elements.

More information
It is a medium-sized independent media reactor designed for use in sump.

The rector has been equipped with a WP 600 pump with legendary durability. The pump generates a flow of 680l / h and consumes not much electricity. Thanks to the presence of the pump, there is no need to connect the reactor to pumps, hydraulic installations, etc. The pump is located in the base of the reactor and the water is pumped through the media and leaves the reactor through the top and returns back to the sump.

The reactor kit includes perforated plates at the top and bottom along with sponge inserts with a non-woven structure to stop all fine particles leaving the reactor during normal use. The set includes two additional sponges.
The perforated plate with the sponge has an adjustable height, so you can adjust the volume of the reactor to the cartridge to prevent excessive displacement.

The filter is simple in everyday use. Replacing the cartridge does not require much time, thanks to the “Easy Click” system, which allows quick and easy disconnection of the reaction chamber from the base with the pump.
The reactor is simple to fill and empty from the media because it has no central stand and also has a simple “base release mechanism” that allows easy access to the bottom of the reactor.

It is perfect for removing PO4 and NO3, for carbon, biopaerls, pellets, bio-cubes, etc.

Technical data:
– dimensions: 130 mm x 130 mm x 440 mm height, including pumping stand and cover.
– reaction tube: internal diameter 94 mm, external 100 mm.
– reaction tube: total height 335 mm.
– total volume of the reaction tube: 2.1 liters.
– volume of the reaction mixture: 1.5 liters.
– pump 680l / h 240 V, 50 Hz, 11W


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