Bubble Magus ARF-S Roller – automatic mechanical filter



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Automatic Roller, Bubble Magus brand, is a highly efficient mechanical water filtration system that effectively removes particles and dirt, such as debris, food, organic waste, and others from the water column. Automatic feeder of micro filter fleece, replaces it in case of dirt. The device constantly monitors the condition of the nonwoven fabric.

More information
Why use Roller?
The device replaces filter socks and other methods of pre-filtration in a marine and freshwater aquarium. It reduces the frequency of filter media replacement and constantly ensures perfect water purity and clarity.

How does Bubble Magus Roller work?
The water from the runoff goes to the Roller chamber, where it flows through the micro nonwoven fabric and is poured into the sump chamber. The non-woven fabric placed on large rolls is properly unwound / rolled up if the non-woven sheet currently in the Roller chamber is dirty. The fact that the non-woven fabric is dirty informs the accumulation of water in the Roller chamber, where the receiver of this information is a float. That float starts the winch motor, replacing the dirty nonwoven with a clean one. The water level decreases until the nonwoven fabric gets dirty again.

Bubble Magus micro fleece:
The micro-non-woven fabric has nano-sized pores that can retain even the smallest dirt, including Ichtyo parasite cells. The rollers can be easily and quickly replaced and the cost of this product is extremely low. A single roll, depending on the degree of dirt, lasts for about 4 months.

How to install Roller?
The device is enough to put into the sump chamber and attach the drainage pipe. The product has a FLEX bend pipe section included to allow easy installation.

Technical data:
– roll dimensions: 100mm x 25m
– inlet pipe diameter: 32mm (flex pipe included)
– overall dimensions: ARF-S: 300x430x130mm
– base dimensions: 173x120mm
– DC12V power supply (power adapter included)


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