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Product description
General information
Establishes an optimal mineral balance in treated water (e.g. reverse osmosis, deionization, etc.) or too soft water (e.g. well water in forested areas) to allow its use in freshwater plant aquariums, multi-species aquariums, and biotope aquariums inhabited by naturally occurring fish in forested and / or river ecosystems.
Establishes the optimal proportions of potassium, calcium and magnesium in the tank – key elements for maintaining overall health in fish, invertebrates and marine plants.
Contains trace amounts of sodium and chloride for the proper functioning of the osmoregulation process in plants and fish.
It can be used to establish favorable water parameters in aquariums filled with purified water, to supplement the depleted concentrations of minerals in aquariums where water change is rare, and to restore the proper chemical parameters of the water.

Detailed information
Fish and plants and aquatic invertebrates require the presence of certain elements in the water, which allow maintaining osmotic balance and ensuring the correctness of biochemical functions. These elements contribute to the long-term health of these organisms and allow them to survive.

The Remineraliz-P preparation optimally meets the demand for these ingredients, and its composition was developed based on information obtained from the latest marine research. It should be noted that parameters such as the amount of dissolved solids (TDS) and general hardness (GH) do not measure the concentration of ions in the solution in the same way, and thus it is not possible to convert specific values ​​between them.

General hardness (GH) is related to the sum of divalent cations in the solution (e.g. calcium and magnesium), while the amount of dissolved solids (TDS) reflects the concentration of conductive compounds in the solution. This information is for reference only.

Instructions for use
It is recommended to read the relevant information on the chemical parameters of water required by fish and / or plants to determine the optimal range of general hardness (GH) and / or concentration of solid dissolved compounds (TDS). Before using the product in an aquarium in which live organisms reside, it is first necessary to establish an appropriate pH level of the water and its proper temperature.

Before treatment of purified water with Remineraliz-P, its total hardness (GH) and / or the concentration of dissolved solids (TDS) should be determined. Then follow the instructions. Do not add raw preparation directly to the tank. Dilute the preparation with water according to the given instructions.

Preparation of water for substitution: Dissolve Remineraliz-P in purified or tap water in proportions of 2 g of preparation for each 18.93 l of water to be replaced. Mix thoroughly until the product dissolves. If the initial values ​​of GH and TDS parameters are 0, the use of the preparation in accordance with the above recommendations will increase them to ~ 2.7 dGH and ~ 60 ppm, respectively. Using the above recommendations, 500 g of the preparation allows the treatment of up to 4,732 l of water.

Preparing water to start a new aquarium: Before placing live organisms in the tank, always set the appropriate water parameters. When setting up a planted aquarium and placing plants in the ground before filling the tank completely with water, establish the desired total hardness (GH), carbonate hardness (KH), pH and water temperature in a separate vessel (e.g. in a large, clean pail) before adding it to the tank. Do not pour purified water into the tank and then try to adjust its chemical parameters, as this action can be stressful to plants.

To determine the dose of Remineraliz-P necessary to establish the desired GH or TDS for a given amount of water, follow these guidelines.

Advanced use of the preparation: 1 g of Remineraliz-P increases the overall hardness (GH) and the concentration of dissolved solids (TDS) in 3.785 l of water by 6.7 dGH and 150 ppm, respectively. To get a specific GH and / or TDS value: divide the number expressing the desired change in GH value by 6.7 (or by 150 if the desired change in TDS value), and then multiply the number obtained by the net water capacity (expressed in US gallons, where 1 gallon = 3.785 l) in the tank. Example: If the GH value in 56.78 l of water (15 gallons) is to be increased by 5 dGH, then 11.2 g of Remineraliz-P (5 ÷ 6.7 = 0.75 g per gallon; 0.75 g per gallon x 15 gallons = 11.2 g).


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