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Product description
Strontion is a concentrated strontium supplement for all marine fish and reef aquariums. The product is available in 2 capacities:

250 ml
500 ml
Purified water, strontium chloride

General information:
Highly concentrated strontium ion solution.
Used by corals, clams and other reef-forming invertebrates to create aragonite – a mineral secreted by these organisms in the form of skeletal material.
More concentrated than most competing strontium solutions.
It does not contain undesirable organic compounds such as EDTA, gluconates or polygluconates.
Over 50% more concentrated than most competing products.
It does not contain phosphates, silicates or organic substances.
Formula developed by specialists in the field of marine science.
Instructions for use:
Basic use of the preparation: Shake well before use. Use 5 ml (one cap) of the preparation for approx. 75.7 l of aquarium water, once every two days or as needed, in order to maintain the strontium concentration in the range of 8 – 12 ppm. Following the above recommendations, 250 ml of the preparation is enough to treat even 3,785 l of water.
Advanced use of the preparation: Before supplementation, the strontium concentration level in the tank should be checked using a thorough aquarium test. Shake well before use. 1 ml of Strontion increases the concentration of strontium [Sr2 +] in 3.8 l of water by 8 ppm. If the initial concentration of strontium [Sr2 +] in the aquarium is below 8 ppm, use the preparation once a day until the desired concentration is obtained, not exceeding the maximum daily dose of 10 ml of the preparation for every 75.7 l of water. Then, dose the preparation once a day or once a week as needed.
If the strontium concentration has not been measured using the aquarium test, use 5 ml of the preparation (one teaspoon) for every 75.7 l of aquarium water, once every two days, in order to maintain the strontium concentration [Sr2 +] in the appropriate range. Aim to keep the strontium [Sr2 +] concentration within +/- 2 ppm.
To determine the dosage amount of the formulation after reaching the desired strontium concentration [Sr2 +] in the water, take daily measurements of the amount of uptake in the reservoir (ie, measure the decrease in strontium concentration), at the same time each day for 7-14 days.
To work out the daily dose of the preparation (more recommended than the weekly dose):

calculate the total amount of water in the aquarium system (in gallons),
divide the daily decrease in strontium [Sr2 +] by 8,
Multiply this result by the number expressing the total volume of water in the tank in gallons (where 1 gallon = 3.8 liters of water) to obtain the daily dose in milliliters of the mother liquor required to maintain a stable level of strontium [Sr2 +] in the tank.
Daily use of the preparation in appropriate doses allows to maintain a more stable level of strontium [Sr2 +] in the water (and, as a result, create a more natural ecosystem) than weekly dosing, during which the amount of the element in the water reaches its peak only immediately after administration of the preparation and gradually decreases in the following days week.
Detailed information:
Strontium is found in the bones of fish and, more importantly, is a building block of aragonite – a mineral secreted by reef-forming marine invertebrates such as corals, clams, tubers and related organisms. Strontium constitutes from 0.75% to 1% of the total aragonite mass. Scientific research suggests that strontium alone can precipitate other inorganic ions, leading to the formation of the so-called abiogenic aragonite.
The rapid growth of corals and other reef-forming invertebrates observed in aquariums with strontium concentrations close to the content of this element in natural seawater, i.e. about 8 ppm, suggests that it is an extremely important component of the marine ecosystem.
The rate at which strontium is taken from the water depends on the concentration of reef-forming organisms in the reservoir, the type of lighting, and many other biological, physical, and chemical factors. Therefore, each aquarium requires a different, individual amount of supplementation. Determining the amount of strontium uptake in the tank allows you to easily determine the appropriate dosage of the preparation. In order to create a stable ionic balance in the reservoir and obtain the parameters of natural seawater necessary for the development of the reef, it is recommended to use high-quality salt mixtures with an appropriate (non-saturated) buffering effect, as well as the correct concentration of macro- and microelements and trace elements.
The basis for ensuring health and rapid development of reef-forming invertebrates is the creation of appropriate physico-chemical conditions. The first step to achieving this goal, apart from stabilizing the alkalinity of the water to the level of 7-12 dKH, is to maintain the concentrations of calcium, magnesium and strontium in the aquarium that would be consistent with the concentrations of these elements in natural seawater.
All Brightwell Aquatics liquid supplements used to improve water quality are based on purified water and ingredients characterized by a high degree of purity. Brightwell Aquatics develops formulations based on empirical data, based on observations and the results of specific measurements.
Guaranteed analysis:
Strontium (min): 896 mg in approximately 29.5 ml of the formulation. (30 280 ppm)


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