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Product description
FlorinBacter is a complete formula containing bacteria for freshwater and plant aquariums. The product is available in 3 capacities:

125 ml
250 ml
500 ml
General information:
A suspension of non-pathogenic aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and natural enzymes carefully selected to establish biological filtration in new aquariums and to accelerate nitrification, denitrification and decomposition of organic waste by completely remineralizing nutrients. Specially developed for use in freshwater aquariums.
The formula is especially recommended for freshwater aquariums with a large population of fish species that have high swimming activity and / or require frequent feeding.
Bacteria in the bioculture preparation are in a state of so-called anabiosis, thanks to which it is possible to maintain maximum product durability.
Formula developed based on a very wide set of data collected by microbiologists.
Instructions for use:
Shake well before use. Before adding to the aquarium, mix a suitable amount of FlorinBacter (details below) in a clean vessel with 250 ml of aquarium water. When taking in and dispensing FlorinBacter using a pipette below the water level in the tank, before each withdrawal directly from the bottle, the pipette must be rinsed with fresh (preferably purified) water. This will prevent contamination of the product.
The best results are obtained when the solution is added directly to the external biological filtration system (when used). Do not pour the product into the pump inlet openings in the aquarium, as this may negatively affect the microbes contained in the preparation. For best results, use the product within 1 year of purchase. A significant overdose of the preparation will not significantly increase its effectiveness or the rate of action. The recommendations presented here were created based on comprehensive research and in most cases bring the best possible results.
Use of the preparation in tanks with medium and high nutrient concentration or to establish biological filtration in new aquariums: To effectively reduce the concentration of nutrients and impurities in any freshwater aquarium, use 5 ml of the preparation (one cap) for every 94.6 l of aquarium water ( i.e. approx. 4 drops of preparation per 3.785 l of aquarium water) once a day for the first 2 weeks. The preparation’s effect is best visible during the first 14 days. After applying the preparation, turn off the UV sterilizer and / or ozonator for 4 hours. The improvement of water clarity is usually noticeable already within the first 30 minutes of using the preparation.
Also apply the above instructions and recommendations for establishing biological filtration in a new aquarium. To successfully start a new aquarium and not expose the fish to health loss caused by lack of stability and toxicity of ammonia, it is recommended to use FlorinBacter together with FaStart-F before allowing fish until the ammonia is undetectable, which is described in detail with FaStart-F. After reducing the level of pollution in the aquarium, you should switch to dosing designed for tanks with low nutrient concentration (details below).
Using the preparation in stable tanks with a low concentration of nutrients: To effectively maintain a low concentration of nutrients in a freshwater aquarium, use 5 ml of the preparation (one cap) for every 189 liters of aquarium water (i.e. about 2 drops of preparation per 3.785 liters of aquarium water), not more than once a week. Alternatively, for best results, use 1 drop of the preparation for 189 liters of aquarium water per day (or 1 drop per 94.6 liters of water once every two days). After applying the preparation, turn off the UV sterilizer and / or ozonator for 4 hours.


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