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Product description
Fish Recover FW is a natural liquid preparation that treats water in freshwater aquariums. Supports the fight against diseases in freshwater fish, has antibacterial properties

It does not contain copper, safe for shrimps, a completely natural botanical extract (plant extract) designed to fight bacterial infections in freshwater fish.
Supports the healing of open wounds, ulcers, helps fight diseases manifested by redness of the fins and the body, cloudy eyes, dull tail, rot of fins, and mucus diseases.
It immediately supports the reconstruction of damaged skin tissues and fins as well as the reconstruction of the tail damaged due to disease or stress.
It stimulates the immune system in fish, thus
prevents the onset of diseases and helps to effectively fight existing infections.
Safe for all freshwater fish, snails, shrimps and live plants.
It does not adversely affect the functioning of the biological filter, as is the case with the traditional antibiotic treatment.
It does not change the chemical parameters of water.
Detailed information:
The loss of fish due to the disease spreading in the tank is one of the main concerns of every aquarist. Bacterial infections are one of the most common diseases among fish. Pathogenic bacteria attack the skin tissue of freshwater fish exposed to stress and multiply rapidly, causing disease. If left untreated, the infection will kill the individual very quickly. Common symptoms of bacterial infection in fish are cloudy eyes, rotting of the tail and fins, red streaks along the body and fins, loss of skin color, and open wounds. Many of the bacteria that cause infections in fish are Aeromanas.

Fish Recover FW is not an antibiotic. The botanical extracts contained in the preparation have natural, antibacterial properties and do not cause bacterial resistance to the treatment, so the effectiveness of the therapy is very high. Fish Recover FW supports the fight against pathogens and infections, and additionally supports the process of rebuilding skin tissue lost due to the disease. The key to preventing loss of fish stock in the aquarium is early diagnosis and immediate treatment. When introducing new fish into the aquarium, preventive action and the use of Fish Recover FW to prevent diseases are recommended.

Instructions for use:
Shake well before use. For best results, use in a place with strong water flow to distribute the preparation thoroughly.

Fighting the disease: Use 5 ml of Fish Recover FW (one cap) for every 38 liters of aquarium water. Use the recommended dose once a day for 7 days to effectively eliminate the disease. In addition, after completing the 7-day treatment cycle, it is recommended to change 20% of the water in the tank. If symptoms of the disease have not disappeared after the initial treatment cycle, continue the administration of the preparation. For best results, remove the activated carbon and chemical filtration resins from the tank during the treatment, as they neutralize the action of the active ingredients of the preparation. The cartridges can be reused after the last dose of the preparation has been administered.
Disease prevention: Use 5 ml of Fish Recover FW (one cap) for every 38 liters of aquarium water, once a day for 3 days, each time new fish appear in the aquarium. Prophylactic use of the preparation helps to prevent fish diseases. Fish Recover FW has been designed to be used directly in an aquarium or quarantine tank.


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