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Product description
Clarifi-FW is an advanced water clarifier for all freshwater and plant aquariums. The product is available in 3 sizes:

125 ml
250 ml
500 ml
Active ingredients:

General information:
Flocculant for improving water clarity in freshwater aquariums. It helps to eliminate water clouding.
It binds particles and impurities suspended in the aquarium water, thanks to which it allows them to be removed through mechanical filters.
Specially developed for freshwater aquariums. Not intended for use in saltwater aquariums.
Safe for all freshwater fish, plants and invertebrates.
Instructions for use:
Clarifi-FW must not be used in marine aquariums. For this purpose, use Clarifi-SW.
Shake well before use. Do not pour the preparation directly into the aquarium, as it may cause excessive and long-lasting turbidity of the water. The turbidity of the water caused by the bloom of microalgae in the tank can lead to a significant decrease in the pH level of the water, caused by a decrease in oxygen production and carbon dioxide uptake. Therefore, before using the preparation, steps should be taken to maintain the alkalinity of the water at a level of at least 2 dKH. Do not use the preparation after turning off the lights (at this time the pH level naturally drops slightly, and an additional reduction in this parameter value is highly undesirable and may cause additional stress to the organisms living in the aquarium).
Before using the preparation, rinse or replace the mechanical filter element. When the filtering capacity of the medium drops (which may be indicated by a significant reduction in water flow due to the exhaustion of the filter’s power or water rising above the horizontal filter cartridge), it should be replaced or rinsed. Repeat the above steps as necessary.
The recommended dose of Clarifi-FW is approximately 1 ml per 37.85 l of water. Dissolve a maximum of 10 ml of Clarifi-FW in 250 ml of purified water and mix thoroughly. Gradually pour the solution obtained in this way into the aquarium in the place of increased water flow. Wait at least 12 hours – this time will allow flocculation processes to occur. If necessary, repeat the above steps after 24 hours.
Use the preparation up to two times every 5 days. The reappearance of cloudy water after using Clarifi-FW is a signal that undesirable factors may have occurred, which should be counteracted as described in the “Detailed information” tab. Efficient care and long-term aquarium management is based on sound and sustainable breeding practices.
Detailed information:
Poor water clarity can be caused by many different types of molecules suspended in the water, which in turn can be the result of too high concentrations of nutrients in the water, certain activities performed by fish and invertebrates, such as digging in the ground, burrowing in the ground or searching for food, too much water intensity directed at fine sediment particles and many other factors.
Clarifi-FW clarifies cloudy water using the weak electric charges of floating molecules, causing them to bind. This process produces relatively large (and heavy) particles which are then trapped by a mechanical filtration system and / or precipitated from the water column to the bottom of the aquarium, where they can then be drained from the tank if necessary. Clarifi-FW quickly improves water clarity in public aquariums.
While Clarifi-FW provides an immediate solution to problems with water turbidity, it should not be seen as an alternative to a long-term and sustainable aquarium care and maintenance process. If the conditions in the aquarium favor chronic turbidity of the water, it is necessary to identify the specific reasons for this and implement appropriate countermeasures.
The use of an effective and well-kept mechanical filter usually helps to sufficiently control the degree of turbidity of the water. In addition, good water quality in the aquarium will help to maintain such measures as: sensible feeding, limiting organic additives and supplements, regular measurements of the most important chemical parameters of the water using recognized aquarium tests or measuring devices, as well as cyclical water changes and replenishment of evaporated water with remineralized water. purified.


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