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Product description
Chaeto Gro is a multi-ingredient supplement for reef and marine aquariums designed for aquatic plants.

For all saltwater aquariums and tanks with a very low nutrient level (ULNS – Ultra Low Nutrient System).
Safe for shrimps and invertebrates.
It does not contain phosphates and nitrates.
A complex of 13 elements necessary for long-term health, supporting growth processes and enhancing coloration in aquatic plants.
Enriched with iron, cobalt and molybdenum, designed for Chaetomorpha algae.
Adapted to the specific requirements of ULNS tanks, designed to regulate the levels of phosphates and nitrates absorbed by Chaetomorpha algae.
The formula was created based on the results of research on the nutritional requirements of marine algae.
Detailed information:
Nutrients are chemicals that algae need to live. They are closely related to all aspects of biological and chemical reactions responsible for the proper functioning of these plants. ChaetoGro provides the necessary nutrients in concentrations that, according to the best scientific knowledge, have the best effect on the health and growth of algae. Elements included in the preparation and their function:

Potassium – is responsible for protein synthesis, water and charge balance, and for the activation of enzymes.
Boron – is responsible for the production of chlorophyll, flowering plants, development of the root system and certain cell functions.
Carbon – a key ingredient required by all organic compounds.
Calcium – responsible for the stabilization and permeability of the cell wall, activation of enzymes and cell responses to specific stimuli.
Chlorine – responsible for maintaining water and charge balance and for photosynthesis.
Iron – essential for photosynthesis, it is also a component of enzymes used in redox reactions.
Magnesium – a component of chlorophyll, also responsible for the activation of enzymes.
Manganese – responsible for the creation of amino acids and activation of enzymes.
Molybdenum and Cobalt – Components required to reduce nitrate concentration in water.
Nickel – responsible for the activation of enzymes and the processing of nitrogen compounds.
Sulfur – a component of proteins and coenzymes responsible for the proper use and development of nutrients.
Zinc – responsible for the production of chlorophyll and the activation of enzymes.
ChaetoGro does not contain phosphorus or nitrogen.
Instructions for use:
ChaetoGro helps to establish optimal water chemistry parameters for the health and proper development of Chaetomorpha algae. It effectively supports the process of regulating the amount of undesirable nutrients, such as phosphates and nitrates. Shake well before use.

Basic use of the preparation: For the first 2 weeks, use 5 ml of the preparation (one cap) per 76 liters of aquarium water twice a week. Then increase the dosage depending on the perceived nutrient needs of Chaetomorph algae. Using the above dosage, 250 ml of the preparation is enough to treat about 3800 liters of water.
Advanced use of the preparation: Daily use of the preparation in appropriate doses (recommended variant) allows you to maintain a more stable and natural environment than less frequent, weekly dosing, when the amount of nutrients in the water reaches its peak only immediately after administration of the preparation and gradually decreases in the following days of the week . In the case of daily dosing, use 6 drops of the preparation for every 76 liters of water per day. After 1 week, adjust the dose depending on the appearance of the algae and the perceived nutrient requirements.
Important: In order to maintain the proper carbon level for the Chaetomorpha algae and to ensure proper nitrification processes in the aquarium, Brightwell recommends the use of MicroBacter7 and Reef Bio Fuel or Katalyst. For the proper development of Chaetomorpha algae in a reef aquarium, it is recommended to maintain a minimum phosphate concentration of 0.01 ppm and a nitrate concentration of 3-5 ppm. If these compounds reach concentrations below the given values
above, there will be no effective regulation of the nutrients in the tank. If the concentration is too low
of phosphates and nitrates in the tank, use NeoPhos or NeoNitro according to the instructions on the label until the desired results are achieved.
Guaranteed analysis:
Minimum: 0-0-1.30; Potassium (K) as soluble potassium carbonate (K2O) (min): 1.30%; boron: 0.009%; carbon: 0.005%; calcium: 0.14%; chlorine: 0.39%; cobalt: 0.0004%; iron: 0.1%; magnesium: 0.4%; manganese: 0.0475%; molybdenum: 0.004%; sulfur: 0.16%; zinc: 0.002%.

Nutrient sources: potassium sulfate, calcium chloride, magnesium sulfate, potassium iodide, iron EDTA, zinc sulfate, manganese chloride, sodium heptaoxoborate, cobalt chloride, sodium molybdate.
Other ingredients: purified water, nickel chloride.


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