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Product description
Caridina-GH + is a liquid preparation that treats water in shrimps and freshwater aquariums. It introduces the optimal mineral balance in the water. It is a source of calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium. The offer is for 125ml of the preparation.

General information:
Establishes an optimal mineral balance in purified water (e.g. osmotic, deionized, etc.) or too soft water, making it possible to use it in freshwater shrimp tanks and biotope aquariums inhabited by fish naturally occurring in forested and / or river ecosystems.
provides the optimal amount of ingredients such as potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium, key elements necessary for general health and the proper functioning of the osmoregulation process in fish, invertebrates and many aquatic plants.
It can be used to obtain water parameters conducive to the breeding of freshwater fish, plants and invertebrates in aquariums with purified water, as well as to replenish the deficiencies of elements in tanks where water changes are rare, and to restore favorable concentrations of elements in the aquariums where changing a significant amount of water.
The formula is based on data from extensive research on the ionic composition of river waters characteristic of many forest-tropical plant areas and areas of shrimp occurrence that are of great importance for the purposes of aquarium breeding.
Detailed information:
Shrimps, other invertebrates and aquatic plants require the presence of certain elements in the water that maintain the osmotic balance and ensure the proper course of biochemical functions. Calcium is an essential element for the proper course of blood clotting, bone tissue formation and many other metabolic processes in fish. It is also a key ingredient responsible for the proper functioning of the processes related to the stabilization of cell walls and their permeability, as well as enzymatic processes taking place in plants:

Potassium and sodium are also fundamental elements for aquatic animals – their presence in the body is required for the proper course of neurological and muscular functions. Moreover, potassium plays a key role in the processes of protein synthesis, maintaining a stable water and cargo balance and activation of enzymes in plants.
Magnesium, in turn, is part of chlorophyll and is also used in the activation of enzymes.
Sulfur is one of the components of proteins and coenzymes responsible for the proper use of nutrients and the proper development of organisms.
Silicon in the form of silica is a very important component of plant cells, it helps increase plant endurance and accelerate root development. In addition, it has a buffering effect, preventing changes in water pH.
It should be noted that parameters such as the amount of dissolved solids (TDS) and total hardness (GH) do not measure the concentration of ions in a solution in the same way, and thus it is not entirely possible to directly convert certain values ​​between them. The total hardness (GH) is related to the sum of the divalent cations in a solution (mainly calcium and magnesium), while the amount of dissolved solids (TDS) reflects the concentration of conductive ions in the solution. This information is for reference only. In general, aquatic ecosystems in wooded areas are characterized by a relatively low concentration of dissolved inorganic compounds, so the overall hardness and concentration of dissolved solids in this type of water are also low.

Caridina GH + has been developed to regulate the chemical parameters of water in aquariums inhabited by fish and plants naturally occurring in almost all aquatic ecosystems.

Instructions for use:
It is recommended to consult the relevant information on the water chemistry parameters required by shrimp, fish and / or plants in order to determine the optimal range of total hardness (GH) and / or dissolved solids concentration (TDS). Before using the preparation in an aquarium inhabited by living organisms, it is necessary to first establish an appropriate pH level and the right water temperature. The preparation is designed for Caridina prawns and does not significantly increase the carbonate hardness (KH) of the water. If the water in the aquarium requires buffering or increasing the carbonate hardness (KH), Florin Delta KH + should be used.

Shake well before use. Before treating purified water with Caridina GH +, its total hardness (GH) and / or dissolved solids concentration (TDS) should be determined. Then follow the instructions. Shake the preparation well before each use. Dilute with Purified Water (RO / DI).
Increasing the GH / TDS level in a previously set up aquarium: Use up to 4 ml (two presses of the dispenser, if included in the set) of Caridina GH + per 38 l of water every hour until the desired GH / TDS level is reached. Changes in water chemistry (regardless of which parameter is adjusted) should always be gradual, not sudden.
Preparation of water for the change: To increase the GH level of water by 1 degree, use Caridina GH + in purified or tap water in the proportion of 2 ml of the preparation (about one press of the dispenser) for every 19 l of osmotic or deionized water to be changed. Mix thoroughly.
Preparing the water for a new aquarium set-up: Before placing the living organisms in the tank, you must establish the appropriate water parameters. When setting up a planted aquarium and placing plants in the substrate before the tank is completely filled with water, establish the desired total hardness (GH), carbonate hardness (KH), pH and water temperature in a separate vessel (e.g. large, clean bucket or bucket) before adding it to the tank. Do not pour large amounts of purified water into the tank and then change its chemical parameters, as such action may be stressful for organisms living in the aquarium. To determine the dose of Caridina GH + needed to establish the desired GH / TDS values ​​for a given amount of water, please follow the detailed instructions below.
Detailed recommendations: 1 ml of Caridina GH + increases the total hardness (GH) in 10l of water by 1.0 dGH. Pressing the dispenser once results in 2 ml of the preparation. To obtain a specific GH level: divide the number expressing the desired change in GH value by 2.5, then multiply the number obtained by the net water capacity of the tank (expressed in US gallons, where 1 gallon = 3.785 l). Example: If the GH value in 76 liters of water (20 gallons) is to be increased by 2 dGH, use 16 ml of Caridina GH + (2 ÷ 2.5 = 0.8 ml per gallon; 0.8 ml per gallon x 20 gallons) = 16 ml).
Shrimps need the right amount of iodine to maintain overall health and the moulting processes to take place. Brightwell recommends the use of Florin-I in all freshwater shrimp tanks.
Purified water, sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium salts, secondary and trace minerals.


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