BOYU Gaia BioCube III - external filter for the aquarium 350l



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Gaia is a series of compact and highly efficient outdoor filters for freshwater aquariums. They have a number of solutions that make it easier for the user to maintain the filter and a revolutionary venting system. However, the most important and main advantage of the filter is its subtle dimensions enabling the filter to be installed in any cabinet and the high efficiency of biological, chemical and mechanical filtration.

The advantages at a glance:
– for the aquarium 150 – 350l
– very high filtration efficiency
– “dwarf” structure
– complete set of hydraulics and inlets
– media baskets
– energy saving
– equipped with valves
– innovative venting system

Small but capable:
The filter has a compact, slightly flattened dimensions, which gives a lot of possibilities for adapting the device. More specifically: you will manage to fit the filter in a small cabinet.

Extra performance:
This is due to the direction, pressure and flow of the water. Using even the simplest cartridges, the filter achieves filtration efficiency comparable to 50% larger filters. This means that despite its half dimensions, it will work just as well.

Baskets included:
They will allow you to keep order in the filter.

Water flow:
It is designed with the pre-filter at the top. In other words, you don’t have to remove all the baskets with cartridges to clean the mechanical pre-filter. But that’s not all, the water filtration is spread over the entire surface of the filter media through the appropriate grid system. Therefore, the water is comprehensively filtered by all cartridges evenly and simultaneously.

Innovative venting system:
The filter has an auto-venting system. However, if there is an air bubble under the dome, it is sucked out by a tube built in for this purpose. In addition, there is a manual pump in the lid, which will allow you to manually bleed the filter.

Detachable valve system:
Each of the hoses connected to the filter has a separate valve blocking the water flow. Therefore, you can disconnect the tubes at any time without draining them of water, for example to clean the filter.

Hydraulics and kit components:
The set includes, among others: 2 x 150cm 12/16 hose, max 35cm rain shower outlet and loc-line directional outlet, inlet with separating basket, elbows for glass, suction cups, 4 media baskets, fleece insert, valve for inlet and water outlet to the filter with hose clamps.

Technical data:
– capacity for the aquarium: 150 – 350l
– pump power: 18W
– pump capacity 1000l / h
– dimensions: 225x265x448mm


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