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5 in 1! Multifunctional scraper and cleaner for aquarium glass, spatula and brush for the substrate (desludging and cleaning sand or gravel) and additionally a fish net. All these functions are possible thanks to the replaceable tips included in the kit. The telescopic tube will allow you to handle medium and large aquariums. This set has everything you need to clean the aquarium and its glass.

The 5-in-1 set allows you to work from A to Z in your aquarium. You won’t need any more accessories for the care and cleaning of the tank.

Replaceable tips included:
– brush (cleaner) for “scraping” algae and sediment from the windows
– a razor blade for “scraping” algae
– a spatula to remove the algae from the sand or to remove the gravel
– sand and gravel brush, useful during desludging
– fish net

Metal laminated telescopic arm with a rubber handle (for a better grip) and an adapter for interchangeable tips.

More about tips:
– brush (cleaner) for “scraping” algae and sediment from the windows – it is rotatable (you can turn it freely) and movable in relation to the handle. It will allow you to get to every nook and cranny of the aquarium.

– razor blade for “scraping” algae – it fights the most difficult to remove algae

– a spatula for removing algae from the sand or for removing gravel – a sieve spatula (similar to a cat litter box, but much smaller) will allow you to select algae formed on the sand without taking sand out of the aquarium. It works similarly in litter up to a maximum diameter of 1mm. Use a spatula to select the larger gravel pebbles, rinse them in the sink and throw them back into the aquarium. This tip will allow you to get rid of algae from the aquarium substrate.

– ground brush – provides in-depth cleaning of the tank’s base during desludging. the tip is rotatable and movable like the tip “cleaner”.

– fish net – triangular (so that you can catch a fish that escapes to the corner of the aquarium) with a micro-net that you can catch even fresh fry.

Length: 55cm – 85cm


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