BOYU Air Pump 4,2L / min - Airpump S-1000A



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Reliable, quiet and small-sized aerator designed for servicing aquarium tanks. Thanks to modern technology, it consumes little power while maintaining efficient and quiet operation.

Do I need an aerator?
Adequate aeration is one of the most important needs of a healthy aquatic life. In the process of gas exchange, all aquarium inhabitants absorb oxygen, giving up carbon dioxide. If too much CO2 accumulates in the water, the fish and plants may die. In the process of aeration, CO2 is replaced by free oxygen from the air, thus maintaining the right amount of oxygen in the water and ensuring the correct pH of the water.

Which aquarium is the aerator designed for?
For each aquarium from 30l to 150l
Possibility to regulate the aerator’s power by means of a knob.

About the pump motor:
It is an improved even more elaborate standard diaphragm pump. Thanks to the new technology and the use of more durable materials, it was possible to reduce power consumption while maintaining high efficiency.

Quiet and discreet work:
The pump is one of the quietest on the market. The increased weight of the product and the hollow rubber feet perfectly dampen all vibrations.

Technical data:
– producer: BOYU
– trade name: Air Pump Aquatic animal
– manufacturer’s code: S-1000A
– maximum capacity: 4.2L / min
– power consumption: 3W
– maximum pressure: 0.014MPa
– dimensions: 14x8x7cm
– blue color


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