Black Shrimp

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The most popular and easy to keep dwarf shrimp for the freshwater aquarium, Neocaridina davidi, has another new dress: pitchblack! Of course there do exist already black sports of other species of dwarf shrimp, but N. davidi has against other species the big advantage that N. davidi is extremely tolerant against different temperatures. Other species of dwarf shrimp still bear the heritage of their wild living ancestors, which prefer rather cool water. Of course led the breeding over generations and generations of aquarium shrimp to more tolerant stocks, but non is as hardy as Neocaridina davidi.

N. davidi can be kept year-in year-out at temperatures as high as 26-28°C, if the keeper wishes to do that. But it also can be kept without any heater if that is desirable. The species is simply an artist of survival and the Black Choco differs in nothing from the red, yellow, blue or striped conspecifics except the coloration.


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