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The set includes 3 bottles of 500 ml.

Biogro 1 – Contains 12 pathogen-free and naturally grown strains of bacteria that produce the enzymes necessary for the biological balance in the tank.

Biogro 2 – reduces the toxic concentration of ammonia and nitrite to acceptable levels within a few days, supports the nitrification process. Contains 14 pathogen-free and naturally grown strains of bacteria. Among them are the strains of Nitrosomonas, Nitrobacter and Nitrospira. For optimal effects, bacillus strains closely cooperating with the nitrifying bacteria were added.

Biogro 3 – Contains 9 pathogen-free and naturally grown strains of bacteria. They are effective in reducing sediment / sludge build-up on rocks and sand. This sediment is an excellent environment in which pathogenic organisms are born and multiply. The sediment / sludge can release gases harmful to fish and corals and cause an unpleasant odor from the aquarium.

Biogro bacteria multiply quickly, remove harmful organics from the aquarium, improve water clarity and create a healthy environment for all aquarium inhabitants. Thanks to a special formula, bacteria effectively work on a variety of filter materials.
Biogro are aerobic bacteria. To stimulate their population, it is advisable to have a well-oxygenated tank.

When you start using Biogro it is important to disconnect the UV lamp and / or the ozone for 24 hours. No chemical products should be used.

Shake the bottle well before use. You can dose bacteria from three bottles at the same time or make breaks between each bottle.


Starting dose: 120ml from each bottle / 750L

Subsequent doses: 40 ml from each bottle / 750L

The dosage is calculated for an average aquarium. Every aquarist should adjust the dose to the needs of his aquarium. Changing the dose to a lower or higher dose does not have any negative effects.

It is recommended to refrigerate the bacteria after opening the bottles, although this is not necessary unless kept at too high a temperature. Biogro bacteria should be used up within 6 months after opening.

A “shock” dose of Biogro 2 and 3 bacteria helps to fight against plagues such as cyano and dino.


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