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Emergency response preparation used in difficult situations


Do you have a problem in shrimp?
Call an ambulance and use a drip!



BENIBACHI SHRIMP EMERGENCY LIQUID is an advanced emergency response formulation composed after years of research and experience in shrimp breeding and thanks to the knowledge on the proper use of glucan in crustaceans. Used in difficult situations such as shrimps, they carry eggs but there are no young, shrimps reproduce normally and stop suddenly, shrimp moult is slow or difficult, things that are difficult to explain happen in the shrimp. In these and other situations, use a shrimp ambulance, or SHRIMP EMERGENCY LIQUID. This specifics contains a full set of ingredients and minerals necessary to undergo the process of shedding armor, improving the hatability of young and the health of shrimps. It is recommended to use together with BEE MAX and ACTIVE WATER for comprehensive protection, building high immunity and beneficial bacterial colonies. Using the supplement gives the following effects

immediately improves the moulting process
helps to reduce the time between moulting
increases the number of eggs carried and the number of young shrimp
mineralizes water improving the standard of living of shrimps
significantly strengthens the immune system in shrimps
helps fight bacterial infections and viruses
contributes to increasing the survival rate of young people from a few dozen percent up to 100%
Contains Beta-Glucan supplement *

* Beta-Glucan is widely known to help fight infections and improve immunity. Appropriate sources and methods allowed to use it with great success in SHRIMP EMERGENCY LIQUID. Many tests and studies confirmed its effectiveness in crustaceans, such as in 1966 at the “Taiwan Fish Research Institute” administration of Beta-Glucan to crustaceans in the amount of 0.2g / kg of food was repeatedly tested. Shrimps consuming these foods in bacterial resistance tests increased survival from 0% up to 90%!



natural ingredients, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron, zinc, aluminum, manganese, copper, nickel, cobalt, molybdenum, selenium, germanium, lithium [panajiumu], tungsten, barium, titanium, rubidium phosphate (slightly acid water), Beta-Glucan, other …



Use once a week or as needed.
1ml of the preparation for every 2l of water.
Shake well before use.
Comfortable dosing pump included.
One pump push is 1ml.


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