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Creates sour and soft environment beloved by shrimps. Reanimates the ground.




BENIBACHI FULVIC GRAIN are grains of natural fulvic acids with prolonged action, developed by BENIBACHI to improve the conditions of breeding and reproduction of shrimps. FULVIC GRAIN improves GH, KH, pH parameters and much more, just like preparations based on humic acids (BLACKWATER), however, it does not dim the water! It is also used in BLACK SOIL substrates marked as [FULVIC]. FULVIC GRAIN is in the form of black grains that blend well with the background of the substrate, which is why it is so widely used. The supplement has an activity of about 6 months, it varies depending on the method of use.


FULVIC GRAIN works widely, the most important effects of use are:

It lowers the pH of the water, reaching 6 pH
Lowers water hardness GH and KH
Increases the survival rate of small shrimps
Accelerates the incubation time of babies
Has a positive effect on plant growth
It works anti-algae, limits the growth of any algae in the shrimp

FULVIC GRAIN can be used in many situations to adjust water parameters to ideal conditions. One FULVIC GRAIN pack is enough for a 60cm long aquarium. The doses given are recommended, however they can be modified depending on individual needs.

APPLYING CREWETKARIUM as an admixture to the substrate to create an even more acidic and CRS-friendly environment. It should be mixed thoroughly with BLACK SOIL in the amount of 30-60g / 60l, depending on the parameters we want to achieve. Such use translates into the longest working life of the product.
SUBSTRATE REANIMATION, when the substrate begins to lose its properties, to avoid unwanted restart, mix with the surface layer of the substrate in the amount of 30g / 60l. You can also remove 30% of the substrate gently with a desludger, spread FULVIC GRAIN and pour back gently rinsed substrate. It will extend its life!
IMPROVEMENT OF GH, KH, pH PARAMETERS regularly every few months in order to stabilize water conditions beloved by shrimps. FULVIC GRAIN should be spread on BLACK SOIL. Initially use 30g / 60l, then every 2-3 months use the amount adjusted using tests.
LIKE A FILTRATION MEDIUM, with harder water, to improve its conditions, the operation must be more radical. FULVIC GRAIN placed in the filter will work most effectively but also for the shortest time. Initially use 15g / 60l in order not to lower the pH too much, then every month about the amount adjusted by tests, improving the parameters to the required.


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