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Supplement (Super-concentrate) that improves the willingness of shrimps to breed



BENIBACHI BREEDING LIQUID is a natural product with a very high concentration of chitosan, specially designed for one purpose, to promote the rapid reproduction of shrimps, however BREEDING LIQUID, thanks to natural ingredients, also improves the color and moult process. After giving the drug, the shrimp become active and “dance”. Recommended when shrimps reproduce poorly or stop reproducing completely. In good water conditions, it is also recommended to improve the moulting process and deepen the fawn colors.



A concentrated chitosan solution made from 100% only natural ingredients. It works effectively and immediately, compared to diluted aqueous solutions with synthetic ingredients.



If the shrimp do not have energy and do not want to reproduce, or when the shrimp have a problem with moulting, their colors are fawn use the preparation according to the following recommendations. It is best to use the product in intervals every 2-3 days. The set includes a special pipette for taking the preparation.

1/2 pipette on an 45cm aquarium
1 pipette for an 60cm aquarium
2 pipettes for an 90cm aquarium
Higher dosages may cause excessive activity and is not recommended.



BENIBACHI BREEDING LIQUID works immediately and is a very high quality supplement that improves reproduction. However, to get the best results you need to properly diagnose your tank and assess the conditions for reproduction. Correct diagnosis can save your money. BENIBACHI BREEDING LIQUID in a well-kept shrimp accelerates the reproduction rate. Served according to the instructions, it stimulates shrimp to high activity. However, it is worth remembering that shrimp have their favorite breeding and resting times, so you should not constantly stimulate them to spawn, because exhausted shrimp will carry less eggs and hatch fewer babies. Sometimes it is worth taking a break and give them a rest and regenerate.
Before serving BENIBACHI BREEDING LIQUID, evaluate the conditions in the shrimp. Check if the females undergo moult, check the values ​​of nitrates and ammonia, etc. As you know, shrimp that do not pass moult do not breed, and high values ​​of nitrogen compounds and other toxins are unfavorable. So maybe the reason for the lack of young is nothing else but a lack of desire to breed. Using a badly kept shrimp whirl tank (BREEDING LIQUID) will not bring the desired results, but only weaken the shrimp, because unnecessarily in difficult conditions they will be forced to high activity! If the water conditions are good and the parameters are normal and there is no moult, the preparation can be given to improve this process.
To sum up how the water conditions in your aquarium are correct, the water parameters are at the right level, the shrimps are active, then it is a good time to stimulate spawning with BREEDING LIQUID.

Food 100% free from chemicals, pesticides


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