AZOO Water Softener 250g



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Product description
Super Active Carbon is a contribution in the form of activated carbon in the form of very fine sticks made in a special process for the fastest action, allowing you to obtain crystal clear water, free from the disliked yellow color. In addition, the cartridge removes treatment residues, heavy metals and chlorine from tap water. The cartridge has a very wide range of applications. The cartridge is placed in a fine mesh, adjusted to the granulation of the grains, allowing it to be placed anywhere in the filter. Four times longer working time (40 days) compared to standard coals.

Activated carbon made of the walnut shell for the specific purification of aquarium water, no pollution, very absorbent.
Effectively removes unpleasant odors and yellow discoloration as well as decomposing organic substances, carbolic acids, tannin acids and residual chlorine from tap water.
It offers almost 4 times longer working time in the aquarium than the average activated carbons.
250g treats 200l of water for over 40 days.
Azoo Super Active Carbon has a neutral pH and does not affect the water quality.
Recommendations for use:
Rinse Azoo Super Carbon under running water before use.
When treating fish, remove Azoo Super Carbon from the aquarium.
Replace with a new one when the water starts to turn yellow.


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