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A set of vitamins with glucan necessary for the life of shrimps


AZOO VITA PLUS is a preparation that contains all the vitamins necessary for life, reproduction and carrying eggs by shrimps. In addition, the preparation contains a special form of glucan, which, as studies and tests show, increases the survival of crustaceans in tests for bacteria by up to 90%. VITA PLUS should be used in every aquarium with freshwater shrimps.

At the same time, the use of AZOO MINERAL PLUS and VITA PLUS guarantees the supply of your shrimp with the necessary vitamin and mineral base for all life processes. AZOO MINERAL PLUS and VITA PLUS are the easiest way to properly care for freshwater shrimps.


Contains a special formula to increase the immunity of shrimp with glucan, immunoglobulin and multivitamins.
Supplements essential nutrients for shrimp carrying eggs, which are missing in the aquarium, which results in increased hatching of children.
It supplements the necessary vitamins missing in standard foods, and prevents the occurrence of common diseases caused by nutritional deficiencies.
It is absorbed directly by the gills, fast and effective supplementation.
It increases shrimp’s resistance to stress and bad conditions. Increases survival during transport. It helps shrimps adapt to the new environment, the aquarium.
For Crystal red shrimps and other ornamental shrimps


Regular dosing: add 1ml per 10l once a week.
After adding new shrimps: add 2ml per 10l at a time.
Shake well before use, add as close to the filter outlet as possible.
Close tightly after use, store in a cool and dark place.
The cap serves as a convenient measuring cup for measuring the preparation. 1 full cap = 20ml, small cup inside the cap = 5ml.



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