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AZOO PLUS Supreme Bioguard


Phenomenal ability to decompose pollutants


SUPREME BIOGUARD has been specially developed from selected, new, highly active strains of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria with optimal degradability, in order to solve the problems of unsatisfactory water quality and bad smell in a freshwater aquarium.

1. The use of the latest biotechnology provides an ideal protective mechanism for fish and filter systems in the aquarium.
2. Effectively and quickly breaks down organic compounds, ammonia, nitrites, nitrates and hydrogen sulfide.
3. Forms dominant and useful bacterial colonies in the aquarium in order to inhibit the development of pathogens.

We guarantee that each milliliter contains one billion (1,000,000,000) bacteria that remain fully active for the best results.

AZOO Supreme Bioguard (AP48004) – A perfect and complete ecosystem in one bottle. FEATURES
1. Contains natural, beneficial bacteria, 100% free from chemicals.
2. Builds a healthy and long-lasting freshwater ecosystem.
3. Significantly reduces the frequency of water changes.
4. It guarantees an excellent ability to decompose pollutants in the aquarium.
5. Effectively breaks down fish droppings and uneaten food.
6. Block the sources of pollution in the aquarium.
7. Clean filters and hoses, reduces the need for frequent cleaning.
8. Complete and effective biological filtration system.
9. Immediately removes harmful organic matter, ammonia (NH3), nitrites (NO2), nitrates (NO3).
10. Significantly reduces poisonous hydrogen sulfide (H2S).
11. Significantly accelerates the maturation of a new aquarium.
12. Stabilizes water parameters at the highest possible level.
13. Increases dissolved oxygen.
14. Prevents the development of pathogens in the aquarium.
15. Lowers the stress of living organisms in the aquarium.
16. Clears turbidity, helps keep crystal water.
17. Supports plant root growth and fertilizer distribution.
18. Removes bad smell.
19. 100% safe for fish, shrimp, plants and microfauna

1. For a new aquarium: add 30ml per 100l of water. In the first week, add 10ml per 100l every 3 days.
2. Regularly and when changing water: add 10ml per 100l of water.
3. Shake well before use, add at the filter outlet.
4. Screw tight after use. Store in a cool place, avoid sunlight.
5. The full cap is 20ml. The inner cup is 5ml.


Supreme Bioguard is a modern bacterial preparation, having no equivalents, which solves dozens of problems in a freshwater aquarium, acting 100% naturally, biologically! The most modern bio-technology of the AZOO brand and focusing exclusively on fresh water in this project has contributed to the creation of a product that works almost as effectively as strong chemical preparations. Supreme Bioguard is a huge and unrivaled product for competition. Supreme Bioguard should be used regularly to improve water quality both chemically and visually for our eyes in every freshwater aquarium. Supreme Bioguard was tested before the premiere in our test aquarium for 2 months from the beginning of February to the end of March. The aquarium with a small cast did not require a water change at that time. Toxic nitrogen compounds were not measurable at the standard product dose.


Supreme Bioguard we also recommend using:
AZOO Supreme Bioguard (AP48004) – A perfect and complete ecosystem in 1 bottle. In a new aquarium to stabilize it. Daily product supplementation allows you to enter the cast immediately.
AZOO Supreme Bioguard (AP48004) – An excellent and complete ecosystem in 1 bottle. During fish treatment, to remove poisonous nitrogen compounds that will accumulate due to drug-impaired bacterial action, everyday!
AZOO Supreme Bioguard (AP48004) – A perfect and complete ecosystem in 1 bottle. After cleaning the filter, desilting the substrate, transplanting plants and interfering with the substrate to quickly break down impurities and hydrogen sulfide, as well as improving the visual condition of the aquarium after these treatments. You can safely give a much larger dose for the fastest action.
AZOO Supreme Bioguard (AP48004) – An excellent and complete ecosystem in 1 bottle. In over-sized aquariums to preserve the population of fish exposed to toxic nitrogen compounds in better, health. Dose more than once a week
AZOO Supreme Bioguard (AP48004) – A perfect and complete ecosystem in 1 bottle. In tanks with insufficient filtration, no bucket filter to support biological filtration and restore optimal nitrogen circulation and stable aquarium condition.


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