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In addition, it improves the red color of plants


AZOO RED PLANT NUTRIENTS (AZ11023) – Complete fertilizer for the aquarium, improves the colors of red plants. AZOO RED PLANT NUTRIENTS is a complete basic fertilizer for the aquarium with plants and the world’s first fertilizer for red plants. With RED PLANT NUTRIENTS, you don’t have to use multiple individual fertilizers separately. The nutrient proportions are selected to meet the needs of medium to large numbers of plants in medium and high light aquariums.

AZOO RED PLANT NUTRIENTS can be used in both red and green aquariums.


Contains a concentrate of micronutrients including stable iron (Fe), macronutrients including potassium (K) and special additives. Does not contain nitrates and phosphates.
It contains an organic iron (Fe) complex, which is available in all pH ranges, in acid and alkaline environments.
It contains active enzymes that will accelerate the production and formation of the enzyme anthocyanins and anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are the main pigment that makes plants turn red. Contains trace elements in the form of chelate, especially for the needs of red plants. Makes the leaves of red plants and some green plants turn red when lighting 300-400nm.
It helps to get juicy green and red plants, prevents brown holes and yellowing of the lower parts of the leaves.
Provides balanced plant nutrition. It helps aquatic plants absorb nutrients directly and effectively.
Accelerates the growth of aquatic plants, especially those growing long-term slowly. Stimulates fast and healthy root growth.
Does not cause algae growth. High-quality, stable fertilizer components are quickly and easily absorbed by plants.

AZOO RED PLANT NUTRIENTS (AZ11023) - Kompletny nawóz do akwarium, poprawia kolory roślin czerwonych.



    Add 20ml of the preparation per 100l of water at the first use.
    Add 10ml per 100l regularly every week.
    We recommend changing some water before every or every second use.
    After use, turn tightly and keep away from sunlight.
    The cap serves as a convenient measuring cup for measuring the preparation. 1 full cap = 20ml, small cup inside the cap = 5ml.



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