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Reduces the frequency of water changes – An excellent food supplement

For freshwater, plant, marine, reef and pond aquariums.
AZOO PSB is a specialized, multi-task culture of photosynthetic bacteria. The main purpose of these bacterial strains is to remove toxins such as nitrates (NO3), poisonous hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from water and substrate, which translates into improved purity of the aquarium and health of living organisms. In addition, AZOO PSB intensively works in the ground, improving the purity of gravel as a liquid desilter. AZOO PSB is also a phenomenal food additive increasing its nutritional properties. Used regularly with 11in1 SUPER BIO-BACTERIA limits water changes and creates the highest quality clean and friendly water environment, ideal for living organisms.

– Reduces the frequency of water changes
– Effectively purifies water and inhibits the growth of pathogenic microorganisms
– Facilitates the decomposition of organic substances like nitrates (NO3)
– Contains 1,000,000,000 (billion) active, photosynthetic bacteria in 1ml.
– Breaks down poisonous hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in water and gravel
– Cleans and brightens gravel. Excellent biodegradability in an anaerobic environment
– Contains photosynthetic, polycolonial euryhalinous and eurythermic bacteria, suitable for use in fresh and saltwater aquariums.
– Excellent food supplement for aquarium fish, shrimps, corals, contains large amounts of protein, vitamins, carotenoids and nutrients to care and improve the appearance of fish.
– Contains various strains of Rhodobacter, Rhodopseudomonas sp. And Rhodospirillium sp. Which contain 65% protein, 7% fat, 20% soluble carbohydrates, lots of vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, nicotinic acid, folic acid, pantothenic acid, biotin etc. .
– For freshwater, plant, marine, reef and pond aquariums.
– Available containers: 60ml, 120ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 3800ml, 20L.

AZOO PSB – SUPER RED PHOTOSYNTHETIC BACTERIA are the highest quality, specialized, multi-task photosynthetic bacterial cultures designed for mature tanks. They consist of colonies of many strains (enhanced) of strong bacteria operating in an aerobic and anaerobic environment. Specialized bacterial strains work intensively in the medium. The main purpose of these bacterial strains is to remove poisonous substances, such as hydrogen sulfide, which is formed in the anaerobic zones of the medium and breaks into the water column, damaging fish and crustaceans. A visible sign of hydrogen sulphide formation is: blackening of sand, blackening and rotting of plant roots, gas bubbles escaping from the ground, very often combined with the death of fish. Bacteria contained in AZOO PSB effectively remove it from the ground and water. In addition, PSB break down nitrates (NO3), which are formed in the aquarium on an ongoing basis from fish droppings and decaying organic residues. AZOO PSB is an excellent dietary supplement, AZOO PSB is very rich in nutrients, vitamins, proteins, acids, biotin and fish consuming PSB look better, have improved metabolism, and also more intense colors. Just sprinkle AZOO PSB on food before serving. By using AZOO PSB regularly, you build strong and persistent bacterial colonies that remove poisonous hydrogen sulfide from the water and substrate and limit the multiplication of pathogenic organisms. Regular use of AZOO PSB allows long, long-term operation of the aquarium on one substrate, without worrying about the toxicity of hydrogen sulfide. AZOO PSB contains 4 unique bacterial colonies Rhodospseudomonas palustris, Rhodospirillium sphaeroides, Rhodobactor capsulatus, Rhodospirillium rubrum.

AZOO PSB should be used in mature aquariums to clean gravel from residual residues, clean water from hydrogen sulfide and nitrogen, decompose organic substances in the following situations:
– regularly every week in a mature aquarium
– after planting and transplanting plants
– after tampering with the ground
– after intensive cleaning of the aquarium and heavy water turbidity
– in overfished aquariums to accelerate the decomposition of poisonous ammonia, nitrite and nitrate
– feeding fish as a food additive

1. Add 10ml of the preparation per 100l regularly once a week.
2. Add 30ml of the preparation per 100l after each water change.
3. Add 50ml of the preparation per 100l of water while setting up the aquarium.
4. Add 100ml of the preparation per 100l of water to clean a dirty and overfished aquarium once a week.
5. Add 1ml per 1g of food while feeding.
6. Shake well before use and add at the inlet to the filter or directly on the sponge.
7. After use, turn tightly and keep away from sunlight.
8.1 1 cap = 20ml, small cup inside the cap = 5ml.


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