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Product description
Power Media is a multi-purpose filter cartridge with a huge filter area of ​​3.866 m2 / 200 g made of natural Japanese lava. The preparation is an excellent medium for biological filtration, it has very strong properties of absorbing unwanted colors and stabilizes the pH, reducing it to the level of 6.5-7.0. The set includes a special “Bio-Clean” powder, which, each time a cartridge is replaced with a new one, immediately colonizes it with billions of suitable bacteria. It is specially designed for shrimp tanks, nano and small aquariums, for internal and cascade filters.

in plant aquariums
in decorative aquariums
in shrimp tanks
Excellent, huge area, up to 3.866 m2 in one package.
Removes water discoloration: Made of natural Japanese lava. It quickly absorbs the turbidity and dark color of wood from water, soil types, and effectively maintains high-quality, clean water in the tank.
Purifies water: A special lava-based substrate removes toxic substances and fights odors effectively, creating ideal and stable conditions for breeding and breeding fish and shrimp.
It gently stabilizes the pH to be slightly acidic, ideal for tropical fish that like a slightly acidic environment, where the pH is between 6.5-7.0.
The innovative “Bio Clean” powder contained in the preparation contains active, beneficial bacteria that help build a stable aquarium ecosystem and remove toxic substances from the water.
Directions for use:
Each package is sufficient for an aquarium with a volume of 60 liters. For larger aquariums, use a larger number of bags, for smaller aquariums, a measured part of one bag. The set includes a bag that allows you to adjust the size of the insert to the size of the aquarium.
It is recommended to rinse the cartridge before placing it in the aquarium.
It is recommended to replace half the volume of the cartridge used every month for the best water purification efficiency.
When used in new aquariums, it is normal for the water to become cloudy and this will dissipate after a few hours.
Detailed information:
Perfect biological filtration in small aquariums: The enormous surface area to be inhabited by bacteria is extremely important for small aquariums where it is very easy to disturb the biological balance. Usually, smaller aquariums do not have external filters and biological filtration is insufficient in these aquariums. AZOO POWER MEDIA is an ideal solution for small aquariums, it allows the development of large and strong bacterial colonies that are responsible for the proper nitrogen circulation in the aquarium and the removal of poisonous ammonia (NH3) and nitrites (NO2), which excessively impair the functioning of fish and crustaceans .

Creates an ideal environment for fish and stabilizes the pH: The cartridge creates an ideal environment for fish and plants to live by gently lowering the pH to 6.5-7.0. Most tropical fish like water that is acidic or slightly less than neutral. Reflecting the natural environment for fish, it makes them feel much better, they are not exposed to such a great stress related to improper pH, which results in vitality, better colors and increased reproductive capacity.

Crystalline water without brown tint: The cartridge has strong water color absorption properties. Quickly and effectively removes all stains, especially brown from the roots and soil. In addition, the cartridge absorbs turbidity. Such a comprehensive cleansing action makes the water clear and crystalline.


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