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Product description

Safely reduces the pH.


AZOO pH LOWER is used to safely lower the pH of the aquarium.

Acid water (low pH) is typical for tropical biotopes, characterized by dark, acidic, soft water, such as Amazonia. Maintaining a low pH of the water has a positive effect on the well-being of these fish, improves their condition and health, enhances their colors, this leads to spawning and hatching eggs. Thanks to AZOO pH LOWER, you can change the parameters of water with a neutral pH to those required by the r.w. fish. For acidic fish we recommend using together with AZOO DOUBLE BLACK WATER.

Changing the pH using AZOO pH PLUS and pH LOWER is simple and safe. However, one should know that the pH is a key parameter for the well-being and life of fish, reckless and too much manipulation of the pH can kill fish. There are several rules you should stick to. When raising or lowering the pH in an aquarium with fish, take 0.5pH as the maximum value by which you can change the pH during the day. In addition, this value should be spread out several times, it is best to change it by 0.1pH once and repeat every few hours. After each product addition and after waiting a few minutes, check the pH value with the AZOO PH TEST test. After adjusting the pH of the aquarium water to the fish requirements, only water for substitution should be prepared. Substituted water should be prepared in advance and have the same pH as the water in the aquarium. Thus, you will avoid changing the pH after changing the water and the fish will not survive unnecessary. Of course, when using AZOO pH PLUS and pH LOWER in a water change vessel, the safety rules do not apply as in the case of using preparations in an aquarium with fish. We recommend testing the pH value after each preparation when preparing water. If the water in the water supply system has a different pH or different carbonate hardness, it may happen that during the next water change, the same dose of the preparation may change the pH in the preparation vessel more or less. The pH value obtained after administration of AZOO pH PLUS and pH LOWER should be determined thoroughly using the AZOO PH TEST test.


Lowers the pH value.
Changes water conditions to acidic.
Removes limescale deposits from glass.
It helps to check the lime content in rocks, gravel (foam indicates the presence of lime).
Helps plants absorb nutrients.
For freshwater and plant aquariums.
Available containers: 120ml, 250ml, 500ml, 3800ml.

When pH> 7.0 and KH> 6 °, 10ml of the preparation per 100l of water will lower the pH by 0.1.
When pH <7.0 and KH <6 °, 10ml of the preparation per 100l of water will lower the pH by 0.2.
The change in pH should not exceed 0.2-0.5 pH per day.
After use, turn tightly and keep away from sunlight.
The cap serves as a convenient measuring cup for measuring the preparation. 1 full cap = 20ml, small cup inside the cap = 5ml.


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