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NitraAct Marine


Concentrated powdered bacteria


For marine and reef aquariums




AZOO NitraAct Marine is the highest-quality, multi-purpose cultures of denitrifying and photosynthetic bacteria for marine and reef aquariums. Specialized strains of bacteria act intensively in the medium and filtration systems. NitraAct Marine builds a healthy marine ecosystem.




Special features:

1. Made of a concentrate of persistent bacteria dormant in powder in a dry environment and low temperature, with the highest quantitative ratio of bacteria, the activation of which takes place already after 8 hours after application to water.
2. It consists of several species of anaerobic multifunctional bacteria and probiotic compounds in an optimal proportion. The extreme concentration of 10 billion (10,000,000,000) active bacteria per gram of preparation.
3. Quickly builds colonies of denitrifying bacteria in the substrate and breaks down NO3, NH3 and H2S for a healthy, natural marine ecosystem.
4. Quickly breaks down lingering masses of impurities in the gravel and filter, eliminates unpleasant odors. Makes gravel and filters return to the state of the highest cleanliness.
5. Contains special nutrients. It helps bacteria multiply quickly and absorbs pollutants from the water.




1. Add 3 grams per 100 liters of water when fitting a new tank.
2. Then use 1 gram per 100 liters of water once a week.
3. It is recommended to mix the powder well in a little water in a bottle before adding it to the aquarium. To obtain the best results, the mixed powder should be evenly added to the aquarium water, filter and filter media.
4. A measuring cup for quickly measuring 1g is included.





Active bacteria for seawater, denitrifying bacteria, Bacillus licheniformis compound, photosynthetic bacteria and other active anaerobic bacteria.




1. The preparation contains a nutrient medium for bacteria, therefore it will be visible after use.
2. Larger doses of the preparation can be used in situations of water change, or when the water quality is very low and requires cleaning.
3. The bottom of the best effect, we recommend the simultaneous use of “NitriPro Marine” and “NitraAct Marine”




Store in a dry, cool place. Avoid moisture, sunlight and high temperature. The preparation is not intended for human consumption. Only for ornamental fish and aquarium environment. Keep away from children and pets.


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