AZOO Multi- Zeolite 500g



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Product description
Multi-Zeolite is a very economical water purifying medium in the process of chemical filtration from a number of toxins and substances harmful to fish. Multi-Zeolite can be used in any type of aquarium in most biotopes. The cartridge is placed in a permeable mesh that allows optimal water flow through the medium.

It contains a variety of metal oxides that release many micronutrients and oxygen to improve water quality.
Absorbs and removes toxic substances such as: ammonia, nitrites, hydrogen sulphide and heavy metals, which arise from the decomposition of fish faeces, food residues, dead fish remains and from the substrate
It absorbs and removes water suspended solids and rotting debris from the ground, protecting fish from disease.
It stabilizes the pH in aquariums, reducing stress on fish.
Recommendations for use:
Rinse under running water before use.
Place AZOO Multi-Zeolite in the filter.
When cleaning the aquarium, also clean the Multi-Zeolite.
One 500g package is enough for a 200l aquarium.
One 500g package treats the water for 40-60 days.


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