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Safe, stable and long-lasting.

AZOO MAX BIO BALL is a preparation containing 20 million beneficial bacteria in each pill. The bacteria contained in Max Bio Ball form stable bacterial colonies in the medium, helping in the processes of cleaning the aquarium. Purification occurs both in the visual field (bacteria clean the substrate and water) and chemical (reduction of 3 forms of nitrogen). Combined strains of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria remove harmful forms of nitrogen such as deadly ammonia (NH3) and nitrite (NO2), and also reduce nitrates (NO3). This is due to the activity of denitrifying (anaerobic) bacteria contained in Max Bio Ball, similar to those settling in denitrators.
Used regularly, AZOO MAX BIO BALL contributes to building a strong, stable biological filtration system in shrimp, contributing to a significant improvement in water quality and reduction of shrimp mortality.

AZOO MAX BIO BALL should be used to supplement nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria and to build stable beneficial bacterial colonies in the medium, as well as to remove nitrogen compounds in the following situations:
– in the new shrimp house
– in the already operating shrimp every two weeks
– after a large water change
– in shrimps with too many staff.

AZOO MAX BIO BALL – description
1. Contains selected, useful bacteria and enzymes.
2. It naturally and effectively breaks down harmful substances such as ammonia (NH4), nitrites (NO2), nitrates (NO3) in water and ground.
3. It slowly breaks down, building stable, long-lasting, beneficial bacterial colonies in the medium.
4. Each pill contains 20,000,000 (million) beneficial bacteria.
5. The process of building a colony begins after throwing the pill into the aquarium.

1. Each pill is enough for 50-100l of water. Use every 2 weeks.
2. Put the pill directly on the ground.

Note: Close the packaging tightly after use, keep in a cool place away from sunlight.

Bacillus subtilis, Aspergillus alize, Bitido bacteruru, Protease, (alpha) L-amylase.


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